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Chickity Check It! “As I was Saying by Sheree DeLorenzo”

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As I was Saying by Sheree DeLorenzo

"The title of this blog comes from my mother. She always used to say, “Sheree is such a good conversationalist.” This was her kind and gentle way of saying, “Sheree talks nonstop.” She would also say, “When Sheree dies and goes to Heaven, she won’t miss a beat. She’ll just look straight at God and say, ‘As I was saying….’ and continue on with her chatter.” So the title is a nod to my mother and her wit.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Lazy Man’s Lobster Pie

Lazy Man’s Lobster Pie

Lobster pie is one of the most elegant meals you can have.  On its own or as part of a surf and turf with a petit filet it is the ultimate special occasion romantic dinner.  But it’s so easy to make!  We call it “Lazy Man’s Lobster Pie” because the guests don’t have to be bothered with the shell.

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The Mrs Knows What’s Up When It Comes To Lobster Pie

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Lobster Pie-

As you can probably guess she didn’t wrack her brain trying to figure out new and exciting ways to fuck up reinvent a classic.

Ritz Crackers Crumbled Up, Cream, Buttah and Lobster

No need to out think it

You know, lobster is cheaper than chicken.  It’s cheaper than submarine sandwiches.  It’s cheaper than hamburgers at most places nowadays.

Go to your local joint and pick up some.  I brought home 6 lbs of lobster and it could have fed 4 heavy eaters easily.