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Lobster Molting Pictures

Yesterday we had a lobster molt in our tanks overnight.  90% of the exoskeleton was off and the lobster had only one claw left to pull out of it’s former body (pic below).  More pics and video at 8AM-

Lobster Molting Pictures, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Here is a view from above.  You can see the exoskeleton of it’s tail and walking legs above the soft (jelly roll) lobster below.

Lobster Molting Picture

Lobster Molting Picture

Lobster Molting Pictures from www.goodmorninggloucester.org

Lobster Molting Pictures from http://www.goodmorninggloucester.org

Another View of Lobster Molting With Slide Show

Got a few more pics of the lobster that molted in our tank. I sent them to the Maine Lobster Institute and they will be using them in their educational material.

Click here for the slide show of the lobster molting

Another View of Lobster Molting, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Finnish Exchange Student Gets Unique Lobster Experience

My sister Felicia has been hosting a couple of talented Finnish tennis players. Yesterday when the lobster molting went down at the dock, they happened to stop by. They initially stopped by so I could take some pictures for their parents who read the blog in Finland to see where their kids are and what they are up to.

They were treated to a pretty cool experience with the lobster molting as I bet 99.99 percent of our own local kids have never experience a lobster molting before their eyes. Hell, I hardly ever see it and I’ve handled quite a few over the years.

Lobster Pulls Tail Out Of It’s Shell During Molting Process

We had a lobster molt at the dock this morning.  It’s somewhat rare so I documented it for you to see the process.  Video will be coming tomorrow morning.

Lobster Molting At The Dock Image 1

Notice the shell separate in a straight line at the top of the carapace.  You can’t see it in this picture but the tail has already withdrawn from the shell.  The live lobster is to the top in the picture and the half of it carapace shell is left at the bottom of the picture.  The lobster is barely strong enough to move.

More pics to come and video is loading.