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Triple Pincher Clawed Lobster Landed At Captain Joe’s Video

I’ve seen double pincher clawed lobsters, I’ve seen triple and quadruple clawed crabs, albino lobsters, half blue lobsters, all blue lobsters, yellow lobsters, speckled lobsters, you name it but never one with a claw like this.

For more of the mutant sea creatures I’ve documented at our dock click the link-

mutant sea creatures landed at Captain Joe’s

Chickity Check It- Deep-Sea News

Deep Sea News Banner

Kevin Zelnio, from Deep-Sea News recognized GoodMorningGloucester yesterday in this blog entry. It’s always nice when someone thinks your stuff is interesting enough to share with others, so thanks Kevin.

What was cool about his post was that he linked to a research report that study that shows how half blue lobsters get to be half blue.

If you get a chance check out Deep-Sea News, its packed with stuff that folks like us with ties to the ocean can’t get enough of.