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Lisa Steinocher Asks- “Do I Deserve A Sticker?”

Dear Joey,
Do I deserve a sticker?  So I’d thought I’d tell you my story so you can decide.  My name is Lisa (Swinson) Steinocher. I live in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  But I have loved all things Gloucester my whole life.  My father was born and raised in Gloucester.  The youngest of 8 all born in a little house on Main Street – My dad 80 years ago. A 1952 Gloucester High graduate. The oldest, my Aunt, who I just visited in the nursing home here in Gloucester is 92.  My great grand father was a Gloucester fisherman who died at sea in 1914 and is on the memory wall, William McCarthy.  My mom (the Italian side) from Boston met my dad while working in Gloucester for the summer. Married, then  a job took them to New Jersey, where I was born, then a transfer to Atlanta in 1968 and I’ve been there ever since.  But I spent just about every summer of my life in Gloucester. And when my parents divorced in 1981, my dad headed straight back to Gloucester where he settled down on the Annisquam with his wife of 31 years. Before I left Atlanta to come back up here, I looked around my house and realized just how much of Gloucester I keep close to me down home in the south.  So I’m sharing a few of the things with you.

This wonderful painting by Paul Frontiero was a wedding gift to my husband and me from my dad and his wife in 1986. It has been hanging ever since.  And Mr. Frontiero lived right near one of my Aunts because I remember my dad telling me he just walked over there from my Aunts house and picked this painting out.

photo 1
These lobster claws that my dad painted came from a 14 + pound Gloucester lobster.  My daughter is 2 in this picture, 21 years ago. Both of my daughters brought these to school for show and tell:)

photo 2
These sit on my desk at home

photo 3

The picture below is my family and my dads mothers side of the family, at Long Beach where I spent all my summers-on the Gloucester side of the beach, the Rockport police didn’t patrol that as much:). I’m near the middle in the navy  and red and white stripped suit. Had to be nearly 46 years ago since ill soon be turning 54.

photo 4
This is what my back patio has looked like for years.  The fish net , buoys and lobster pot are from Gloucester. 

photo 5

So many memories and I’m back again, this time just with my youngest daughter, 18 to visit my elderly relatives, run (at least attempt to:) the Fiesta 5k with my daughter and just enjoy the scenery, sun, salt and sand. (And great food!)

So something made me want to share my story and I’ve been wanting a sticker for awhile now since I started reading the Good Morning Gloucester email every night.  If I don’t get down to “the Dock” I will send you my self addressed stamped envelope if there are any left.

Thanks for “listening” to my story .  Enjoy Fiesta time!!! And thanks for keeping me connected on “Good Morning Gloucester”.

Lisa Steinocher or as my Gloucester and Boston relatives call me, a misplaced Yankee who lives too far inland 🙂