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Andrea Gail Model Complete Thanks To Help From GMGers!

Lisa Freed writes-


Hey Joey


My dad finished building the model of Andrea Gail. Couldn’t have done it without the help of the GMG readers and the history/photos and knowledge they emailed us. Individual pieces, hand built, all from those photos, and research.


Thank you again!



Andrea Gail Builder Looking For Help

Lisa Freed asks-

Hey Joey!

Sort of odd question for you.  My 80 year old dad builds ship models. He’s in NY, but we all grew up on Long Island Sound, so sailing is in our blood.  You know I love the blog- it’s part of my daily routine.

Anyway, my dad is building the Andrea Gail.  According to him, the sister ships are the Lady Grace and Hannah Boden. He’s asking me if I can find them, or similar, and get him as many photos of deck layouts, interior, exterior, etc.

Any clues? HELP! Or do you have photos from the docks? I’ve attached some of his recent models. All are from wood, and he gets the ships plans to start the hull, piecing it together as a shipyard would. He does it all from scratch, turning ridiculous stuff into ship parts. He’ll take a thimble and suddenly it’s a captain’s chair, he shops for suede til he finds the right one for seat covers. The model he did for me has sails- he had a sailmaker cut them. It’s amazing, and quite honestly, I have no clue how he has that steady hand and eye sight at 80. I can only hope.

Anything you can offer for help, I’ll take it!

Lisa Freed

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