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Azorean Tradition – Linguiça Making in Gloucester since 1898



Steve and Jerry Burke carry on the tradition of making Azorean Linguiça in their family’s 1898 Linguiça Smoke house. The recipe they use is from their great grandmother who came to this country from Lajes do Pico Azores. The Azorean Linguiça smoke house may be the oldest operating in the country.  Watch Video below:

Linguiça Making

Gloucester Shack Series – 1898 Linguiça Smokehouse

I think this could be the oldest in the country.

Linguiça – is a dry Sausage, consists of coarsely chopped pork shoulder (both the lean and the fat), plenty of garlic and paprika.  Its shape, rather like a long and slender lingua (tongue) explains the name.

Chouriço – is a chunkier and juicier Sausage and very garlicky, made in links about 10 inches long and 1 1/2 inches in diameter.


Two Sisters Special Number One- Linguica, Onions Egg And Cheese With Hash Browns

Back in the day when nursing a hangover my crew would hit up Two Sisters for this very same special #1- Linguica, Eggs, Sauteed Onions, American Cheese w/ Hash Browns.

I highly recommend this breakfast for those of you young enough to still go out and consume copious amounts of alcohol as an excellent hangover helper.