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Last GMG Rock Found!

Great Job Jerry!

Jerry found the last Rock that was released on Cape Ann this past weekend. 

 Jerry was in Town visiting His Grandmother, Linda Morse.

Thanks for the great Photo Linda!

Linda Morse and Her Grandson Jerry with the "Salt Island Rock"

Linda Morse’s Old Man And The Sea Photo

Linda Morse sent in this pic she took back in November of 07.

At first glance it simply looks like a cloudy day that someone took a picture of a wave.  But when you look a little more closely you can see that the wave looks like the silhouette of  man.  Linda must have submitted this picture four or five times and to be honest I thought she was a crazy fan of the blog that took some random picture of the ocean, but I didn’t realize how much the pic did look like a man’s face.

Sorry Linda, lol.  Now I get it!  Linda sent me a beautiful photo album of her work and she really is a good photographer.