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Playing with Engineering Prints

engineering print

I decided to try out this new fad of engineering prints for myself. A lot of design and craft blogs have been featuring these prints lately and raving about them. It’s an inexpensive way to get large scale photos made. Engineering prints are usually just used for building plans and such. I tested one out with one of my photos from Lighthouse beach.

I have been thinking of using this as an idea for my friend’s upcoming shower as inexpensive decorations, but I wanted to test it out first. I ordered a 24″ x 36″ from Staples and picked it up in store. It cost me a total of $3.19.  The quality isn’t perfect but the contrast and impact is excellent. It’s very lightweight paper so it can crinkle easily and really made for one time use, unless you mount it to foam board or plywood.

engineering print

I have heard rumors, that printers don’t really like doing photos as engineering prints because it’s uses more ink and wears out the printers. I didn’t seem to have a problem, but I’m sure as this gets more popular some places may crack down and not do photos.

I plan on ordering more and mounting them to foam board to hang from the ceiling for party decorations.They would make great inexpensive decor for theme parties, weddings, or as dorm room posters.


Mackerel Sky

Lighthouse Beach and Ipswich Bay Panorama ~ Click to view full panorama

Last night we had a beautiful dinner at the home of one of our dearest friends, the Gale Family. Mom Kristina and daughter Sarah prepared a gorgeous dinner of salmon poached with a medley of vegetables, in parchment paper. I was too busy having fun and socializing and wish I had taken a photo of the salmon. We had sunset dessert on their west-facing porch, with its amazing views of Lighthouse Beach and Ipswich Bay.

Ben called it a Mackerel Sky

Living the Good Life!

Click to see larger image.

Seal at Lighthouse Beach Photos From Elinor Teele

My family and I discovered this visitor taking a bath at Lighthouse Beach.
Naturally we didn’t think it polite to disturb, so we headed for home, only to discover it had finished performing its Sunday ablutions and was moving on to dinner.
Sushi, we presume.

(We kept well away – pictures are taken with long lens)
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