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New breakfat lunch place

Hopefully a new place on Lexington Avenue

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Magnolia Historical Society Street Fair

Keep your eyes open for the 4th annual Magnolia Street Fair sponsored by the Magnolia Historical Society. July 19th, starting at 9am on Lexington Avenue – businesses along Lexington will show their wares, huge craft fair lines the street, and more. Don’t miss this one!

Magnolia Street Fair

Lexington Avenue in Magnolia

The Magnolia Historical Society asked me to take some photos of a building that was being renovated.  The new Landlord, J. Stratton Moore,of Manchester, MA, graciously allowed me to take some photos.  As the workers were taking down sheet rock, they found these amazing sites that had been covered up over the years.  Also what was found was a hidden safe in the wall.


Information will be available for viewing once the MHS has established the Magnolia Historical Museum and Cultural Center at the Blynman School.

Hodgson, Kennard & Co.
Magnolia, MA c. 1890-1940’s
Edgar Hodson and H. Arthur Wood Kennard. Advertised in the 1920’s as jewelers and silversmiths; they retailed many silver items made by others.