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Help, Not Handcuffs for Addicts ~ Story and interview with CNN’s Sanjay Gupta.




Gloucester Police Fitness Challenge Wrap Up From Chief Leonard Campanello

Hi Joey,

Just wanted to let your readers know that the Gloucester Police Fitness Challenge just wrapped up on Sunday. The department lost over 400lbs collectively and we are very thankful for the support we received from citizens and businesses alike. I would like to once again acknowledge the businesses that supported us:

Cape Ann Car Wash

Castle Manor Inn

Cape Ann Marina and Resort


Toms Auto Center

Gloucester Inn By The Sea

Acme Merchandise and Apparel

Manchester Athletic Club

Fitness Zone

Yukan Run

And thanks to all the citizens of Gloucester who rallied around us for this challenge.

Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police, City of Gloucester, MA

Gloucester MA Police Department Update From Chief Leonard Campanello

Hi Joey,

Just thought I would keep your readers in the loop on some of the things we have going on here at the Police Department.

1. Our Gloucester Police Fitness Challenge will be wrapping up on April 14, 2013. We have over 40 officers participating in it and we have all benefited from weight loss and learning more about fitness. We have also seen great support from the community and would like to recognize them here:

    – Cape Ann Car Wash donated for the purchase of fitness equipment

    – Castle Manor Inn donated for the purchase of fitness equipment

    – Cape Ann Marina and Resort donated for the purchase of fitness equipment

    – Gortons donated for the purchase of fitness equipment

    – Toms Auto Center donated for the purchase of fitness equipment

    – Manchester Athletic Club donated 6 weeks of membership to all participating in the Fitness Challenge

    – The Fitness Zone came up with the Final Fitness Challenge and will host at their facility

    – YuKan Run and Rich Morell donated the entry fees for the Yukan races being run in Gloucester this summer, and will sponsor each officer who participates in the races with a donation.

We thank them tremendously for their support!

2. The Citizens Police Academy is winding down. We are in our fifth week and the class has enjoyed presentations from patrol, detectives, and a tour of Middleton Jail. The response has been great and both officers and citizens are enjoying the program. I would like to thank Bob Ryan and CATA for donating a bus ride to the Middleton Jail for the students. I would also like to thank the Gloucester Police Superior and Patrol Officers Unions who have donated a graduation pizza party at Guiseppes (thanks Joe and Memory, as well). We will be running a 2nd Academy in the fall and hope people will fill that class as well.

3. We are partnering with the Healthy Gloucester Collaborative, the Gloucester Licensing Commission and the Gloucester Council on Aging to present "Social Hosting: The Law and Underage Drinking". This is a free, must attend seminar for anyone with teenagers or kids who will eventually be teens. It focuses on what can happen when an underage drinking party is hosted at your home, with or without your knowledge. Our speaker will be District Attorney Jon Blodgett and an expert attorney in the field of Social Hosting law. The seminar will run from 6:30pm-8:00pm on Thursday April 25, 2013 at Rose Baker Senior Center. I would strongly encourage your readers to join us and learn some very important information on this topic. Give me a call to register. Again, its free!

4. In late April, early May, residents can expect to see a coordinated, concentrated effort to stem the tide of drug sales in Gloucester. Our message is clear: If you’re using drugs, we will help you or point you in the right direction for help, If you’re selling drugs…Stay out of Gloucester. Period.

5. Hopefully by May 1, residents will see a new uniform and patch which we will be unveiling in the near future. This has been a six month long effort to coordinate uniforms for all officers so that we present professionally at all times. As the summer months arrive, residents can expect an increased walking presence in the downtown area as well as the possible addition of motorcycles to our fleet to both enhance traffic enforcement and foster community policing (also to quickly get through crowds during the many special events the City hosts).

The above measures are just a quick overview of some of the ongoing projects we have going at the Police Department, in addition to handling our estimated 20,000 calls for service annually. We are humbled by the support the Gloucester community continues to show us and hope we are providing an above satisfactory level of service to all residents. Your readers are welcome to contact me directly with any questions, comments, ideas or issues, at the information provided below. Thanks, Joey, for the opportunity to update your readership.


Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police

City of Gloucester, MA

Mayor Kirk: Working Together for Gloucester’s Future

Luke McElhenny ©Kim Smith 2013

The well-attended Mayor’s “I Love Gloucester Breakfast” at the Gloucester House this morning was followed by remarks and an informative Q and A. The overarching theme of the morning’s event was of working together to build Gloucester’ s future. It is always a pleasure to be around the Mayor because of the integrous manner in which she is managing the city’s business and because of her infectious love for Gloucester. Thank you Mayor Kirk for all you have done, and are continuing to do, to create a better Gloucester for all of us!

Carolyn Kirk ©Kim Smith 2013

©Kim Smith 2013Bailey Kirk ©Kim Smith 2013Carolyn Kirk-1 ©Kim Smith 2013

Mayor Carolyn Kirk Donna Ardizonni©Kim Smith 2013JPGGloucester Chief of Police Leonar Campanello

Luke, Mayor Kirk, John McEllhenny ©Kim Smith 2013JPGLuke and John McElhenny ©Kim Smith 2013Luke and John McElhenny

Handgun Rumor At Gloucester High School Addressed In Statement From Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello

Statement From Police Chief Leonard Campanello

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your call this a.m.

We received a call about 6:20am from a credible source indicating that a rumor was circulating that there was a statement made by a student of bringing a handgun to the High School today. There was also a rumor that threats of bringing a gun to school today were written on a wall in the bathroom of the High School. The Police Department immediately responded, checked the school, began investigating and contacted school officials and the Mayor.

As it stands now, we will have a police presence for the time being at the High School, both to continue to track down the source of these rumors and to dispel any fear that students, parents, and teachers may have. The school is open, quiet, classes are in session as normal and school admin is on scene as well. I am told by the super that if students are apprehensive, there are guidance counselors on scene to speak with them.

Thanks again,

Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police, City of Gloucester, MA