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Results of the 2011 Leo Almeida Memorial North Shore Striped Bass Tournament

Joal Leanos - 1st place boat

Amy Almeida writes in-

Here are the results of the tournament.


#1 Aaron Quinlan, Amesbury – 35 lbs, 44" (weighed in at Surfland)

#2 John Noonan, Amesbury – 16.88 lbs , 39" (weighed in at Surfland)

#3 John Lynch, Peabody – 13.12 lbs, 33" (weighed in at Bridge St. Sports)


#1 Joal Leanos, Gloucester – 36.6 lbs, 48" (weighed in at Winchester Fishing)

#2 Al Williams, Gloucester – 32.45 lbs, 45" (weighed in at Winchester Fishing)

#3 Paul Whitten, Salem – 30.5 lbs, 46" (weighed in at Bridge St. Sports)

Youth Ryan Mitchell, Ipswich – 19.38 lbs, 36" (weighed in at Surfland)

I’ve attached a picture of Joal Leanos with his fish. This is Joal’s second win in the boat division. He won the boat division in 2010 and was the winner of the junior division in 2008. 

Al Williams has previously won (2005) and come in third (2010) in the boat division. This is Ryan’s second win in the youth division. This is also his last year in the youth division. At the prize ceremony I told him that Joal Leanos’ performance as a former youth division winner has set the bar high for Ryan next year. About 150 people entered the tournament and almost twenty fish were weighed in. For the first time, one of the prize winners has generously chosen to return his winnings to the beneficiary food pantries. John Noonan, the second place winner in the surf division, is a five time tournament participant and first time winner. We anticipate increasing our donation to our beneficiaries over our 2010 donation (almost $6,000). However, we’re still awaiting some donations before we can make a final accounting.