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Len Robertson Oarmaster 2013 & 2011 (pictured with Erik Dombrowski of the IDRC)


On September 29th, the International Dory Racing Committee held its annual Oarmaster Cup race off the Dock at Maritime Gloucester.  The course was set to begin at the Maritime’s dock and proceed out around Ten Pound Island , then back to the start line.  Eight participants enjoyed excellent late September weather and navigated their 800+ pound dories single handedly through the course (see times below).  The winner for a second straight year (2012 was cancelled due to inclement weather) was Len Robertson with a time of 21 minutes and 30 seconds on the 1.75 mile course and proving once again that he is the best single dory rower in the US. And, not to diminish Len’s rowing prowess, we also had a couple very impressive competitors who competed in the Oarmaster as their first dory race.  Gus Cambell (our youngest participant ever) and Bob Ritchie (just started rowing in the “learn to row” program last May) both took to the sea this day, navigated the course well and finished strong.  Gus and Bob, as well as the rest of the competitors deserve much praise for putting their pride and body on the line in this very challenging race!!

  Making the day a little more special for all involved, a memorial service followed the race to honor a fallen member Mike Regan.  Mike’s family and friends attended the races, donated some food and drinks for the festivities and honored Mike’s life and passion for dory rowing.  All who attended enjoyed a special day on the Gloucester waterfront.

Special Thanks to all who helped organize, set up, breakdown, get the boats to the course and back, start and time the races…including but not limited to: Maritime Gloucester, Joe Novello & Tim Oakes, Damon Cummings, Hilary Frye, Jimmy T, Geno & Fran Mondello, Leo & Susan LaRosa, Lillian LaRosa, Janelle & Bailey Dombrowski, and many more!


1. Len Robertson             21:30:07

2. Jimmy Tarantino       22:37:44

3. Dave Buchanan           22:40:44

4. Erik Dombrowski        22:49:09

5. Jack Alexander           25:30:12

6. Peter Parsons               27:43:05

7. Gus Cambell                 30:55:10

8. Bob Ritchie                   30:56:19

Scenes From The International Dory Race Eliminations 6/5/10

June 5, 2010

More Dory Race Eliminations Coverage Coming Monday When The Showdown Between The New Jersey Crew of Mick Cote and John Swift Face Off vsJoe Sanfilippo and Mark Duval For The Right To Represent The US vs The Canadians.  Also To Be Featured Monday Night At Niles Beach Will Be The Over 40 Race Between Mike Harmoon and John Scola vs Ray D’Amico and Lenny Billante.

The Breakdown From Jimmy T

Monday night at 6PM Niles Beach will determine the final crews to face the Canadians.