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Beautiful Gloucester Gulls from Donna, Sharon, Mark, Len, Ann, David, and Nicole

WOW!! Thank you for sharing your Gorgeous Homie photos!!!

A second batch of new photos will be posted on Saturday. photo


The above photo comes from Mark Lombard and the below photo, of seagulls in the snow, is from Donna Ardizonni.

©Donna Ardizonni




As Ann Kennedy says, ” photos from a Gulliver (Gull-lover).” Ann’s photos are not strictly Gloucester Homies–though all are beautiful and included nonetheless.IMG_0218IMG_0163P1020594P1090298P1090299


The above photo was taken by David Parsons. David writes, “This was taken on the Yankee Clipper. We were Pollock fishing Dec. 2011.”

And from Nicole, “Homies on the Hood!”



Posted in the order in which they appeared in my inbox.

More 2013 Rocky Neck Plunge Photos From Len Burgess

We Can Get Busy Livin’ Or We Can Get Busy Dying. What’s It Gonna Be For You In 2013?

Len Burgess submits-

Joey, our man for all seasons, thanks for all the fun in 2012 too…


Joey edit-

Yeah I look pretty silly in this hat. Yeah we got freaks like Morrison strapping a Rubber Duck around his waist and Ardizzoni wearing a wonder woman outfit, newphew BJ and his buddies and Amandacakes and her buddies wearing bodypaint, and all our other crazy community friends that take part of the Polar Plunges all over in icy cold water.

It’s a New Year.  Break down some barriers for yourself, don’t let others dictate how you act, stay positive, have fun and follow your passions through.



Fish-Flops- Yep That’s Right Fish-Flops From Len Burgess

Len Burgess showed up with these bad boys-


Hey Joey, here’s a shot of your– one of a kind– prototype "Fake"-Flops. Happy you liked them.

Maybe you could find a manufacturer. I’m surely not going to make anymore!

Glad I made the party, thanks.


Here they are on my desk-


The next person that buys 5 DVD’s or T-Shirts get’s them thrown in their package for free. 

Salt Lake City is getting some North Shore Ice Crystals…From Our Len Burgess!!!!

Len writes-

Back in the beginning of the year an architectural designer, Catherine Widgery purchased a lot of my macro photos of ice crystals that she found on my Flickr site, ‘Photoholic1’. She used them, combined with lightning graphics, into large etched-glass windows for a transit station platform, elevator enclosure and stairs in Salt Lake City, Utah which is now under construction. Here’s a few photos of the work being done. -Len Burgess

Check out some of the great projects that Catherine has done and is designing for future contracts.


Also, click here for the link for some of my photos that were used to design the transit station project…



Congrats Len!!!!!

Harold Burnham and his crew returned on the Schooner Ardelle from Washington, D.C. Photos From Len Burgess

Harold Burnham and his crew returned on the Schooner Ardelle from Washington, D.C. Tuesday afternoon, with friends and family welcoming them back at the Maritime Gloucester Center.

Click below for slideshow


Ardelle Report for Saturday Night From Len Burgess

On Saturday Harold Burnham and crew made good nautical mileage today and if everything goes well they’ll be sailing into Washington Sunday. its now anchored for some rest tonight off of the town of Newburg, MD. near the Route 301 bridge.

    Looking ahead to Sunday…the weather forecast in the Washington area will be mostly sunny except for a few afternoon clouds, temperature High 76F. winds light and variable.

   Check out more info at… http://www.facebook.com/pages/Essex-Shipbuilding-Museum/174653662579160?closeTheater=1

-Len Burgess


Tracking the Ardelle

Len Burgess writes-

As of Tuesday night the Ardelle was at the southern tip of New Jersey near Cape May and at the entrance to Delaware Bay and are planning to take the Intercoastal. The new site to track the Ardelle that seems to work is http://www.marinetraffic.com/ais/. Once there enter Ardelle in the ship search box and hit enter.

-Len Burgess


This is the probable route for the Ardelle and crew to get to Washington.
-Len Burgess


Update from Al-

0530 9/26 wind SSW 18-21 kt and Ardelle is still making slow progress beating toward Cape May. Been a long night out there with the wind right on their nose If they go up the Delaware they’ll be having a nice ride once they get around Cape May and the tide starts flooding. Delaware Bay entrance will be rockn’ and rollin’ at the ebb with this breeze. The flood begins just before 2 PM.

If they reach Cape May entrance at the start of the flood they will be in tall clover for they will have fair current for over 50 miles to the C&D and thence fair current just starting and all the way through the canal and well down into the Chesapeake. Then fair wind down the bay to the Potomac.

Al Bezanson


As of Wednesday morning the Ardelle is still at the southern tip of New Jersey near Cape May and at the entrance to Delaware Bay. It is reported that the engine is down and needs a new part.

Charlie Carroll’s Opening Night From Len Burgess

Photographer Charlie Carroll had a successful opening reception, Friday night at the Wendie Demuth Photography Studio, 77 Rocky Neck Ave.

An enthusiastic crowd came to congratulate Charlie on his first show and see his display of excellent artistic photos.

–Len Burgess


One Year Anniversary of the Launch of the Schooner Ardelle From Len Burgess

Great weather Monday night for a special sail to celebrate the launch of the schooner Ardelle. It was one year ago last July 9, 2011 that the schooner splashed down into the Essex river in front of about 2500 people. It was a textbook Essex side launch that occurred at high tide about 6 p.m in the evening. What a sight is was. And, a year later here’s Capt. Harold Burnham’s doing what he loves! It would not have been possible without the amazing help of all of the shipwrights, friends and family who helped build and launch the Ardelle!

Harold lights a candle for the cake that celebrates the one year anniversary of the launch of the schooner Ardelle.


Shipwrights, friends, family and crew gather aboard for a special night


Tom and Kay Ellis of the schooner Lannon sailed close by firing a salute with their cannon and guests sing Happy Birthday to the Ardelle.


Friends, shipwright and our most awesome cook, Cathy and Bruce Slifer sail past during the song! They should have been on board!


Zack the young apprentice who was the only one onboard the Ardelle when it was launched last year was Harold’s crew for the night.


Steve reads a tribute to Harold and the Ardelle.


Bernie Noon was at the Helm most of the evening


Harold did video interviews during the sail with some of his loyal helpers.


June 2012 International Dory Race Eliminations Results and Mixed Doubles Photos From Len Burgess


Elimination Races Niles Beach, Saturday June 9th, last race of the day. Mixed doubles battling a stiff wind.

–Len Burgess

Phyllis A Restoration Photos From Len Burgess

The 1925 ‘Phyllis A.’ is now high and dry at the start of it’s restoration process at the Gloucester Marine Railways.

–Len Burgess

The Phyllis A. Marine Association is in the process of the restoration of this gill-netting fishing ship and has received some funding from the citizens of Gloucester through the Community Preservation Act.

A brief history of the Phyllis A. from "The Wheel House", How it all started!

Albert Arnold, the man who had the vessel built, owned a boat before the Phyllis A. called the Anna T. Captains Albert, Cy Tysver, and Mike Shoares, all “Michigan Bears”, had her built in Essex in 1913. She was about the same size as the future Phyllis A. and also a gill-netter. In 1923, Albert loaned the Anna T. to a family friend. Unfortunately, she was lost on the bar off Wingersheek Beach in the Annisquam River. The pilot house of the Anna T. floated to shore and was dragged up next to “the frog rock” (rocks painted to look like frogs) and made a shed out of it. The Anna T.’s pilot house/shed is there still today, sitting just south of frog rocks.

The insurance company paid Albert $4500 for the wreck, which he used to commission the building of the Phyllis A. at the Warner Shipyard, in Kennebunkport, Maine. Phil Boudain joined the venture with his nets, and when the Phyllis A. came down the ways in 1925, they set off gillnetting together.

Fishing the Phyllis A. has always been a family affair. Son Alvin Arnold took over from Captain Albert and sons Kenneth and Robert crewed. Later on, the youngest son, Richard, took on the captain’s position. From the beginning, Mrs. Arnold kept the books and kept everyone moving. Young Phyllis Arnold, though not a crew member, was present with the family when the vessel was christened and named for her. Then 3, she cried when she broke the bottle of champagne on the bow and splashed on the beautiful new deck!

Phyllis A. Marine Association

Our mission is not only the promotion of the industry and preservation of the vessel, but to provide the historical education of the fishing industry for our children.

Last Spring, the Phyllis A. Marine Association offered an educational program to East Gloucester Elementary School. Capt. Richard Arnold has done programs for the students of Veteran’s Memorial School and was interested in offering that program to the students of East Gloucester School. The program consists of a short movie about the Phyllis A., a short lecture, Q&A, and display of artifacts. The program lasts about one hour and can be designed to fit the needs of the students and teachers. This pilot program is offered free of charge. We hope to expand to more schools this Spring.

Phyllis A. Marine Association
c/o 39 Mount Pleasant Avenue
Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930

4"x 5" Kodachrome transparency Forwarded By Len Burgess

For all the young digital photographers…
see what a 4"x 5" Kodachrome transparency looks like
–taken during WWII.
–Len Burgess


My Russian blog started to be visited by many English speaking readers after I posted the following post. I thought it would be great to give this post a special place in my new English blog, and let it be one of the first publications.

I regularly visit the www.shorpy.com in order to get inspired by the colors of Kodachrome photo film. This website is quite famous and contains a lot of archived photographs, I am sure many of you already know it. My wish was to make a personal selection of photographs I particularly like, in good quality. I hope that you will appreciate them as well. All the pictures have been taken during 1940-1943. Now just look at them and get inspired.

Community Photos

Anthony Marks Submits-

April 16,2012 due to the heat the beach was still crowded at 4:30 pm

Good Harbor beach 4/16/2012 4:30 pm

Len Burgess Submits-

Many volunteers showed up last weekend to work at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum, building a new demonstration Steam Box for bending large planks and getting the Schooner "Lewis H. Story" (the Museum Flagship) ready for the summer season. Visitors from Oklahoma, Nantucket, Sweden and many area residents came through the yard enjoying the great weather and were very much interested in what was going on in and around the Museum.
Photos by Dave Delorey.
-Len Burgess




Photo by Carol Creed Perry. Taken early Easter morning. We were visiting from Florida. We enjoy Good Morning Gloucester every day!



Len Burgess writes-

Ron Gilson of Gloucester lectured Wednesday night at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum’s Waterline Center about working aboard Gloucester’s Schooner ‘Adventure’ back in 1951.

Ron recounted his growing up in Gloucester and personal memories of the fisheries and fishermen of Gloucester and the shipbuilding of Cape Ann. In great detail he described, at 17 years old, working aboard the ‘Adventure’ for 8 days and with slides how the fish were caught by the crew. The trip brought home 80,000 pounds of fish.

Ron has a book out which any true Gloucester FOB should have.  
‘An Island No More’–A Memoir, The Gloucester I Knew

"GLOUCESTER in the 1940s was a self-contained "city", an island, literally, the ocean separated us from the outside world. We were a complete entity, supported mainly by our anchor industry — fishing. United and focused on a common goal, harvesting the sea, our workforce was akin to an army marching to a deafening cadence. As a young boy, I thought this fantasy would go on forever; it was a magical time!" –Ron Gilson

Ronald Gilson was born into a Gloucester working class family in the depths of the “Great Depression.” He was raised in Ward II’s Dog Hill neighborhood and introduced to the waterfront while still a boy. Gilson operated the harbor’s only freshwater boat (delivering fresh water to the Schooners), learning the ways of the waterfront, from the bottom up. He has fished the vessels, worked the wharves, and insured the fleet. Considered an authority on the great fleet buildup of the 1940s and 1950s, his blog relates many personal experiences of his life on the Gloucester waterfront. He graphically writes of a bygone era, spiced with personal anecdotes that takes his readers into the heart of Gloucester’s historic anchor industry.
Ron’s blog… http://www.thegloucesterilove.blogspot.com/


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