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Calling Dr Leif Bakland- Can You Settle Our Debate?

I’m all about rinsing my mouth with Hydrogen peroxide after I floss and brush my teeth.  The taste doesn’t bother me and the results I think leave my teeth whiter and mouth feeling clean and Hydrogen peroxide is like $1.50 for a jug that lasts about a month.

My buddy Alicia has a different approach-


Hi Joey,

Not gonna lie, I’ve been thinking about the whole rinsing with straight up hydrogen peroxide thing. I mean,  can that really be safe?

I have an alternative for you.  The Crest whitening mouth wash works! Gives you that clean mouth feeling and white teeth with out the horrible taste of peroxide!

I also use the Crest Luxe for a toothpaste! My teeth are white as if I spent hundreds on professional whitening!

Can we get a professional opinion on rinsing with straight up peroxide?

Yours truly,

Alicia Cox-DeWolfe

Dr Bakland, can you give us your professional opinion on which is a better approach to whiter teeth and a healthier mouth?

BTW Dr Bakland is the man behind the team at Harbor Cove Dental- The Most Cutting Edge Friendly Dentists In Town!

Harbor Cove Dental

Leif Bakland


The address is, 123 Main St., Gloucester, 2nd floor right over ” Kid’s Unlimited “.  The E-mail address for now is:harborcovedental@gmail.com, The office phone # is : 978-865-3360

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There’s A Reason Harbor Cove Dental Was Voted #1 After Only One Year Open In Gloucester

It speaks volumes to be voted number 1 after only one year.  I mean, there are dentist practices that have been open for decades so to claim this honor you know you have to be doing something right.DSC01842

And when I tell you that these very words came out of both my daughters’ mouths “I can’t wait to go to the dentist.” 

I took a double take.  Say what?  A child that WANTS to go to the dentist?  What is this, bizzarro world where up is down and left is right?  

The staff is so unbelievably friendly. The equipment all brand new.  The chairs you sit in are heated AND offer massage elements.  The place is out of control over the top inviting and comfortable. 

Are you sold yet?  Well if not, how bout Free Teeth Whitening FOR LIFE? 

Uhmm, yeah, Dr Leif just posted that on the GMG Community Google+ group




The girls love their Dental Hygienist Amy so much they made her two rainbow loom bracelets!



Video- HI-Tech Pain Free Dentistry At Harbor Cove Dental

Gloucester MA Newly Opened Dentistry Practice.

When was the last time you had fun at your dentist office?

No MUZAK up in this mother.  They’re playing classic hits, the dentist chairs have use controlled heated and massage elements, you don’t have to put that nasty mold in your mouth with the gooey stuff making you want to gag when they take x-rays or making molds, they do their stuff with the latest digital imaging. 

The staff is young, hip and friendly.  The décor is straight out of Restoration Hardware.  The place is straight buttah.  Check them out unless you prefer old school dentistry and directly correlate how much pain you have to endure with the level of dental care you receive.

I can’t say enough about Dr Leif and his staff. 

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