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The profile on Shore Road

While taking the Magnolia Historical walking tour on Shore Road in Gloucester, MA,  Jim Cook, our tour guide, told us this story of a rock formation.  This rock formation has the profile of an old woman who had a beautiful granddaughter that lived with her on Kettle Cove Island off of Shore Road.  At one time there was a sand bar that ran from Kettle Cove to Shore Road.  This story happened maybe in Colonial Times.  Since on the island there was no food for her sheep and cattle, the old woman would take the animals to a farm on Shore Road via the sand bar.  Since she had no money, the farmer, which legend states, that he was ugly, wanted to marry her beautiful granddaughter instead of money.  In the meantime, the granddaughter, out on the rocks one day met a handsome skipper who told her he would be back.  The granddaughter refused the old woman of the proposed marriage and the old woman locked her in the house.  One day the granddaughter was able to escape the house and was thinking of suicide on the rocks, the handsome skipper came back and she and her skipper lived happily ever after.  The old woman was so angry she put a curse on the farm land that no livestock would survive there.  The sand bar is no longer there, but the profile of this old woman is.

June 15, 2013 witches profile

Gloucester Sports Legend Frank Destino Photo From Tucker

Hey Joe,
As you may know, my uncle Frank Destino passed away last week. I found this old photo and I think that might be David Cox on the far right. He graduated with Frank and thought he might like this. Please forward to him….


Check out The Gloucester Daily Times Story About Frank By Sports Editor Nick Curcuru here-

GloucesterTimes.com, Gloucester, MA

Remembering one of Gloucester’s greatest athletes, Frank Destino

By Nick Curcuru Sports Editor

Superior athlete, outstanding football skill, one of the best athletes to play at Gloucester High School, wonderful human being.

Those were just a few of the words used to describe Frank Destino, a former GHS standout in both football and baseball. Destino passed away last Thursday at the age of 77, but the legacy he left behind in Gloucester will not soon be forgotten.

the entire article here