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Chickity Check It! Even This “food and wine writer” Chooses To Trust Berkowitz

Richard Auffrey, @RichardPF on Twitter who had been very critical of the motivations behind Legal Seafoods “Blacklisted” fish  dinner in the past found reasons to trust Berkowitz after sitting through last night’s Blacklisted Fish Dinner and listening to reason.

Richard Auffrey writes-

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Berkowitz & Legal Sea Food: A Matter Of Trust

It began with a provocative press release which unleashed a firestorm of controversy, as well as plenty of free publicity for Legal Sea Food.  Subsequent sound bites in the media did nothing to quench the flames, and there was even a call for a boycott of Legal.  Two nights ago, the “sustainable seafood” dinner took place and I attended the event, hoping to get closer to the truth of the matter.
Back in December when I first posted about this dinner, I essentially stated that the burden would be on Legal at this dinner to offer answers to all the issues and questions they raised.  If they failed to do so, I felt it would be very detrimental to their cause. Their provocative language had raised red flags but I was willing to wait and see what they had to say for themselves, to let them present their case.  And at Monday’s dinner, they did exactly that, explaining their position, answering numerous questions and offering much to ponder.

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I just hope momma bear Jaqueline Church doesn’t kick Richard out of the den for taking Berkowitz’ side after she had taken shot after shot at Legal Seafoods in her columns on her blog

Richard might just find himself left off the invitation list for the next “pat ourselves on the back because we are elitist food bloggers dinner”

He wouldn’t be missing much though except for a whole lot of hot air.

January 25, 2011 ‘Blacklisted’ meal provokes ‘sustainable’ fisheries debate By Richard Gaines

From the Gloucester Daily Times

Gaines covers the Berkowitz dinner-

BOSTON — For a private dinner at one of his Legal Sea Foods restaurants for which he made the intentionally provocative decision to serve three so-called blacklisted fish, Roger Berkowitz minced the black tiger shrimp but not his words.

It was an evening of food for thought.

"We have sustainable fisheries, now we need sustainable infrastructure. It has to come back to the center," Berkowitz said in a plea for common sense and reason, noting that many years of strict conservation have weakened the fishing industry while strengthening U.S. stocks.

"We are seeing something out of balance," Berkowitz added. "The environmental movement is well financed; the fishermen are not."

Click here for the rest of the story at The Gloucester Daily Times Website

Then you can watch Part I of the Interview I did with Richard a while back by clicking below