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Lazy Daizy Restoration Update 6/17/08

Lazy Daizy Restoration Update 6/17/08.

As of today she’s still a hopeless cause work in progress. It would be great if the guy that owns this boat could con some rich folks into thinking it was a historic vessel of some sort so they could finance him and get the thing refurbished.

Maybe they could get some LNG money to bail him out. Hell the Peabody Essex Museum got some, and I don’t know what the heck they had to do with laying a pipe for natural gas transmission off the coast of Gloucester. Surely they could spare 25 grand or so for the lovely Lazy Daizy. I think the old gal could use the money. Maybe The Peabody Essex Museum would be willing to carve out $25k for this beauty of a boat. It’s a fishing boat and we need to preserve it.

I bet we could buy a whole lot of Saran Wrap with $25K. We could wrap the Lazy Daizy up in Saran Wrap and then enclose her in a lucite box and mount it on top of The Heritage Center. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Sweet!

Saran Wrap

Lazy Daizy Restoration Update 6/17/08, originally uploaded by captjoe06.