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Bird Rescue From Laurel Tarantino

Laurel Tarantino writes-

Good Afternoon Good Morning Gloucester!  Yesterday I had the pleasure of being part of a search and rescue team with my cousin Annette.  Here’s the poor little creature who was very glad we found him.  You catch ’em, we’ll release them.

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Dory Report From Laurel Tarantino

Hello Joey,

It’s me again, Jimmy T’.s Secretary and I’m not sitting in his lap!  We got the Practice dories painted up and ready for the next step, which is "Launch Day" Saturday, April 2nd.  Hopefully that will go as smoothly as everything else has gone.  We couldn’t have done it without our much appreciated volunteers.  We’d love it if more folks would be so kind as to help out on launch day too.  Boats will leave on trailer from Eastern Avenue Storage @ 10:AM brought to the ramp in East Gloucester behind Martinetti Dentist for launching, from there, they will be rowed to their Summer Home at St. Peter’s Square Dock.  We need trailers, rowers, and folks to taxi rowers back to their vehicles.  Last year things went great and we were done in well under two hours.  Seeing the boats back in Harbor Cove will be a welcome sight, like Spring bulbs pushing up through the ground are now.  It won’t be long!

Thanks so very much once again Joey, for your precious time and wonderful exposure.

For more info on how to get involved with the International Dory Rowing Check Out Their Website- http://www.internationaldories.com/index.html

Chip Noton & Marge Robertson "Gettin’ her Done"

dory 034

"Bottoms Up"  Jimmy T. & Gina Lampassi

dory 035

Gina "Upright!"

dory 037

Erick Dombrowski, Chip Norton, Nancy Dudley & Mark Duval

dory 040

"Inspector Tarantino"

dory 044

Reflection of Columbia in the Gertrude L. Thebaud

dory 046

Dory Prep Day- Under 32 Degrees But These Great Community Folks Got ‘Er Done!

Thanks To Laurel and Jimmy T For Getting Us The Photos-

The Dorys don’t just maintain themselves.  It takes a group effort to keep these boats in racing shape.  The email was sent out last week to all the members of the International Dory Race organization and I’m sure when they sent out the invitation to join in and sand, powerwash and paint the dorys that no one imagined that it was going to be under 32 degrees at the end of March. But that’s what mother nature dealt.

I remember that morning wondering if they were going to cancel and reschedule but as you can see from the following photos- the work took place.  Those who showed up should be applauded for their efforts! Photos and captions from Laurel Tarantino-

Nice Stern Gina!-  Gina Lampassi

dory 007

Marge Robertson & Patti Page

dory 015 (2)

Joe Novello & Keith Palazzola, Volunteering isn’t all work!  It’s smiles and friendly bantering.

dory 017


dory 020dory 021

Bottoms Up!  Leo LaRosa on Roller, Jeff Muise on Cutting

dory 026

Ray D’Amico caught Working!

dory 028

Erik Dombrowski sands the bottom

dory 016

Laurel added in a new email-

We only got the bottoms painted on Saturday, as the temperatures were too low for anything other than that.  Boats are all sanded and ready for “Dory Buff” which we hope to slap on tomorrow.  Hopefully we’ll get it done, because we want to launch them asap.

and another Report From Jimmy-

Once again we were pleasantly surprised by the strong showing on Boat Prep Day. Unfortunately, it was too damn cold to paint the boats! So…. we’re going to do that *tomorrow at 4 p.m.* Anyone who can spare an hour or two, we’ll be at the Eastern Avenue Storge facility from 4 to 6 p.m.. *Come on down and lend a hand.*
All the hard work got done, thanks to Erik Dombrowski and Damon Cummings bringing all the tools and supplies we got all the boats scraped, sanded and bottom painted.  Now all we have to do is slap a little paint/linseed oil on the decks and roll the buff on the outsides. Should have it done tomorrow and ready to launch this weekend!

Thank you all! Joe Novello, Kieth Pallazola, Marge Robertson, Laurel Tarantino, Patti Page, Leo LaRosa, Jeff Muise, Gina Lampassi, Nancy Dudley, Mike Harmon and Ray D’Amico. Forgive me if I left anyone out. All the elbow grease and good MoJo is appreciated.

Last Minute Recipe Idea: Recipe Video of Good Morning Gloucester Holiday Cookie Contest Winner – Laurel Tarantino Snowball Cookies

This cookie recipe melts in your mouth and is easy to do. Laurel Tarantino entered her cookies called Snowballs in the first annual cookie contest that was organized by Laurie Lufkin. The contest was designed to find the best cookies around and support the Open Door Food Pantry this holiday season. The video features Laurie showing you with step-by-step instructions how you can make these yourself. These prize winners impressed the judges in all categories – including taste, appeal, appearance and overall appeal – so they are worth checking out.

You can see the video at http://food.gloucestertimes.com. Here is a short segment-

Laurel Tarantino’s Lobster Thermidor

After the final elimination race last night The Tarantinos graciously hosted a party for the rowers.  Here is Laurel Tarantino’s (wife of the self proclaimed all time greatest Grand Banks dory rower Jimmy T) Lobster Thermidor.  Video with Laurel at The Shipwreck Lounge at 1PM