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Rockport Lattof Farms Open: and That Means Monkey Bread

Lattof Farms is open and I was able to obtain the first Monkey Bread of the season for the Mug-Up on Sunday.

Up Close and Personal:

Lattof has all sorts of healthy fruits and vegetables but for buttery decadence you cannot beat Monkey Bread.  Now here is the trick. They have a new glassed in cabinet in the same spot right hand side as you look at the Farm Stand. (To the right of RD in photo.) Monkey Bread is snapped up shortly after exiting the oven so you might find me trolling back and forth up and down the hill going to the dump, visiting the police station, back to Broadway. The Monkey Bread arrives somewhere between 9AM and 10AM on Saturday and Sunday morning. But can you see it in the glass cabinet as you drive by? I think so. Top Shelf. Drive slow and get someone else to scope it out as you go by.

Rubber Duck: Extra Credit for the first person to identify where the placemat came from.

GMG Gallery Mug Up Sunday with Lattof Farm Monkey Bread

I should be able to get the first Monkey Bread out of the oven at 10:AM at Lattof Farms of Rockport on Sunday. Then it will be brought to the GMG Gallery on Madfish Pier for the Mug Up. This is good. If I bring it home most of it ends up being stuffed in my pie hole. A real setback for my Blackburn Challenge training. I have to show more self-control​ in crowds.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10AM throughout the summer the Monkey Bread is on the shelf. (As you drive into Rockport, instead of turning right into the Info booth Lattof is just ahead to your left.) But don’t dawdle. The opening day Monkey Bread yesterday lasted one hour and twenty minutes. Saddest words I ever heard, “no more Monkey Bread”.

Edit: it seems that both EJ and I set up our posts hours in advance and we both had monkey bread on our minds. Can’t have too much monkey bread. I’ve tried. One thing I will do is change my photo to what it will actually look like tomorrow when I get the monkey bread to the Mug Up. I can’t drive it all the way over there without yanking out a piece.

**BREAKING NEWS** well, not really

While I was at the State Fish Pier.  enjoying a home brewed cup of Coffee and reading my new Book

“The Yellow House: Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Nine Turbulent Weeks in Provence”(I may be as F’D Up as he was) this morning. I looked up and spotted a fast moving object heading my way. Man, those Seagulls can fly when they get a Tail Wind! Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted a very slow, sluggish and weighted down surface vessel.  Oh, it was Paul Morrison in his new Surge Kayak hugging the State Fish Pier. what a Beautiful colored (not Paul’s beat red face) Kayak, Light blue top with white hull. Very Sleek! (again, not Paul Morrison).

After Tossing Paul a couple of  Lattof Farms Monkey Breads from Rockport, Ma.

He headed off into the Sunset, I mean Sunrise.

But, Really. He was moving pretty Fast. That new Boat will do him good in next years Blackburn Challenge. He has a little work to do getting out of the thing. But I promised not to say anything about that. If I had some Manbags I’d be out there with him on Sunday Mornings.

Here are a few Photos of Paul and his Kayak from today;

Paul Skirting the Coastline and pissing off the Pier Anglers as he slices through their lines.

Paul booking it past the idled Gloucester Fishing fleet

and the Sugar Babe

Paul Morrison eyeing next years Challenge!


Lattof Farm of Rockport; Monkey Bread

Lattof Farm opened on June 24 and I was too busy to stop for my favorite food product of all Cape Ann (besides lobster). Until this weekend. At 9:30 AM every morning the Monkey Bread (uppercase) comes out of the oven. This is not your normal monkey bread (lowercase). This has a wee bit extra sugar, butter, and cinnamon in it. Even if your kids find it and try to eat all the really gooey pieces the last piece will still be just as gooey as the first.


And then, like a monkey, no knife, just fingers, you pull a chunk off:

The 9:30 AM timing is not precise but I sometimes just keep driving by because you can see them on the shelf on the right-hand​ side top shelf. Go to the dump, drive by, maybe go circle around Dock Square. Getting them right out of the oven is killer but it is also the fear that there are ten other people circling the block and when you do stop the last one is placed in someone else’s shopping bag. That happened once and the tears would not stop …

Reconsidering my strategy for the Blackburn Challenge in ten days. It’s quite possible that the wind will be blowing and the boat will be rocking. I need more ballast. That’s where the Monkey Bread comes in. If I eat one of these every morning for the next ten days I think I will have plenty of ballast to make it around Cape Ann.

Tomorrow’s post will be of the Rockport bonfire. I can’t even look at those photos right now, too hot.

who just happens to look like a J. Crew model with an iPad

Paul F. Frontiero, are you asleep at the wheel? Why haven’t you posted this? I am posting this out of my normal 2 PM deadline to bring you breaking news. Heather Atwood front page of “Food For Thought” has an article about Mr Joey Ciaramitaro. Oh shoot. Joey already posted this yesterday. But I think it needs to be bumped to the top again with a special underlining of the J. Crew comment.

Since it is old news I’ll add a bit more of potpourri leftovers that don’t quite make the cutoff of deserving of their own article in GMG.

1) Anyone know what’s up with Mr and Mrs Bathroom sign designating the entrance to Rockport? As marker to the beginning of summer they are usually up by mid May. Sandy, or the Rockport fairies, need to get on the stick.

2) Lattof Farm Stand (across the street from the missing signs) will be all freshly baked monkey bread opening June 25th. I will post photos of my face like a well fed hamster when I find the monkey bread.

3) Can anyone believe how toasty the water is around Cape Ann? 57F is bathwater. Jump in and lets hope this warm water doesn’t draw too much of a crowd.

4) It’s a small world after all. Or Good Morning Gloucester and our fearless leader just knows everyone up and down the east coast. Case in point: Fishing with an old friend off Woods Hole Last week and he told me the name of the tug boat he was on. He’s been based out of New York City for years. Googled the “Lincoln Sea” and where do I end up but a familiar blog, “The Tugster” who has been up to see Joey. Nice photo of the Lincoln Sea on his blog then another link I am checking out a drawing of the smaller Davis Sea on Bowsprite’s blog.

Tugster photo of three K-Sea tugs, the Lincoln is the big one.
Bowsprite drawing of the smaller Davis Sea in the above photo.

I knew he worked on tug boats but I was thinking more the quaint little dudes, not the tall monster that is the Lincoln Sea. It pushes DBL140 around so it needs a tall perch to look over that big barge.

A quick search of GMG one can find a video of Bowsprite in a bikini jumping in the water off the Capt Joe dock. Not sure what time of the year but I do not think it was bathwater. If you are male and have a pulse you will search.