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The Next Thing You Can’t Miss- Celebrate Gloucester II AT LAT 43 OUTSIDE WITH OUR NEWLY CONSTRUCTED 25 FOOT WIDE SCREEN!!!!

Have we disappointed you yet?  As one of the team who dreamed up and brought the first Block Parties, the Horrible Parade Float, The Old Cuban Cigar and Folly Cove Rum Cruises aboard The Thomas Lannon,The Man vs Food Challenges? Just to name a few, but seriously if we put our name on an event, we bring the thunder and this time will be NO EXCEPTION!

En Plein Air!!!!

With help from my man Ed Collard, we have constructed a gargantuan screen which we will be hoisting up onto the beams in front of Lat 43 and screening Greasy Pole Videos featuring all three winning walks from the 2011 Greasy Pole, Seine Boat Races, Blue Lobster Videos 2o feet wide, St Joseph’s Novena Video, Faces of The Greasy Pole, Back Shore After The Storm Video, Sam Hartson’s “This Is Fiesta Movie.



All this while McDonough and chef Jeff Cala serve up this killer menu outside-

All very affordable pick up food.

Clam Chowder $4

Chicken Wings $4

Pizza $4

Pulled Pork Sliders  $4

Sushi $8

Popcorn  $2

And To Top It All Off- 10% of all food and beverage sales goes to GFAA to help rebuild Newell Stadium.

Lat-GMG-GFAA Block Party Sept 2011 (1)

Some Screen Caps of The Movies We Will Be Playing-



North Shore United Way Match Madness At Lat 43 Wednesday April 13th

We just doubled our impact for 13,000 North Shore children.  We hope you will consider joining us.  The North Shore United Way will be doubling all donations received by April 30th thanks to generous community supporters that have created a significant matching pool to close out this year’s annual campaign. We are within $100,000 of our goal.
We are calling this final push “Match Madness” and the focus this year is on North Shore United Way grants directly to programs that benefit local kids. As volunteers, we hear stories about how NSUW impacts local young lives every day—from providing access to healthy food for children in a low-income child care center, to supporting pre-teens and adolescents in six local middle and high schools around issues of bullying, substance abuse prevention and other challenges to their success.
These programs have a proven track record, but they are deeply dependent on us for their continuing success.
Also, as part of “Match Madness”, Gloucester’s restaurant, Latitude 43, is generously donating 10% of all dining room sales on Wednesday, April 13th from 5p.m.-close to the NSUW. Please consider bringing your family to enjoy a meal and some entertainment.
We know your donations and volunteer efforts really count for our youth on Cape Ann.  Make your impact count twice by donating before April 30th.  Visit us online at http://www.nsuw.org or call our office at 978.922.3966.  Thank you on behalf of our children!
Ruth Pino, Wheeler Street, Gloucester
Richard Fitzpatrick, Lighthouse Lane, Rockport
NSUW Board of Volunteer Directors

$20 For $40 Worth Of Food At Lat 43

We used our Groupon for Duckworth last Thursday night and picked up our drycleaning from Zoots $50 for $100 worth of drycleaning Wednesday.  Got two of the recent ones for Alchemy that I plan to use at EJ’s Art Exhibit if I can get home in time.  Score!



Expires May 15, 2011. Excludes Friday and Saturday nights. Latitude 43 dine in only (does not include Minglewood Tavern). Not valid on alcohol purchases. 1 voucher per table. Cannot be combined with other promotional offers.

$25 for $50 Worth of Seafood and Drinks at Latitude 43 in Gloucester

Thanks for the heads up SunshineWalks-

This is listed at Groupon and I’m forwarding it along to you. It seems to be an outstanding deal.

image Here’s the deal while it lasts-


The Minglewood Tavern at Lat 43 T-One Day Photo From Donna Ardizzoni Hop Skip and Go Naked Tonight!

The crew will be there around 7:30 tonight.  Buckle your chinstraps kids- we’re going in deep!


Check out North Shore Dish’s reporting on the opening here-

Gloucester’s Latitude 43 Unveils New Sibling: Minglewood Tavern

First Look- Minglewood Tavern At Lat 43 Under Construction

Brian gave me a tour of the completely redesigned Minglewood Tavern (yes you heard the new name here first) at Latitude 43. 

There are a ton of new features including the wood fired oven and new center bar being built out of recovered wood by the folks at Walker Creek.

Video coming later

click the pictures for the full sized versions-


Celebrate Gloucester Video Documentary

This is the documentary we made to Celebrate Gloucester at Latitude 43.  It features interviews with Mark McDonough , Fisherman Peter Libro , Nicole Duckworth- from Duckworth Bistrot, Debbie Clarke- artist, Dave Anderson from The Black Swan, Ashley From Lat 43, Lobsterman Joe Mondello, Joe and Mary Ellen Borge from The Lone Gull, Lobsterman Mark Ring, Chef Zach Sears, Cape Ann Community Cinema’s Rob Newton, Stephanie From Lat 43, Lobsterwoman Renee, Real Estate Tycoon Ruth Pino, Ryan and Wood Distiller Bobby Ryan.

I hope you enjoy it.  there are some pretty touching moments in here.

Click the Picture For The Video Page


Hop Skip and Go Naked Recipe

Make sure you ask for a Hop Skip and Go Naked next time you go to Lat 43.  If you want to make them at home they are very simple and everyone that tried them couldn’t believe how much booze was in them because they really taste just like lemonade.

We ran out of Mason jars to serve them in as the people were lined up 4 deep to get them at the GFAA Celebrate Gloucester event Thursday night.

here’s the simple recipe-

empty 1 12 oz can of frozen lemonade concentrate into a pitcher

fill the empty can with beauport Vodka and add to pitcher

fill the empty can twice with light beer and add to pitcher

add ice

mix well

serve in mason jars with a lemon garnish

get hammered!

caution XXX they are really devastating because you can’t taste the booze so watch your alchohol consumption and don’t drive after a couple of these. XXX

We Ran Out Of Mason Jars To Serve Up My Hop Skip and Go Nakeds, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Hop Skip and Go Joey – Poll

What a great night!  Thanks to everyone who came out to support the GFAA and thanks to Mark McDonough for being such a great host!

DSCF7450, originally uploaded by ~ cathy ~.

Thanks Cathy Tarr for the Pic.

Tonight’s the Night To Celebrate Gloucester! Free Food!

Hop Skip and Go Naked’s Served By Yours Truly

Movie Starring-
Mark McDonough , Fisherman Peter Libro , Nicole Duckworth- from Duckworth Bistrot, Debbie Clarke- artist, Dave Anderson from The Black Swan, Ashley From Lat 43, Lobsterman Joe Mondello, Joe and Mary Ellen Borge from The Lone Gull, Lobsterman Mark Ring, Chef Zach Sears, Cape Ann Community Cinema’s Rob Newton, Stephanie From Lat 43, Lobsterwoman Renee, Real Estate Tycoon Ruth Pino, Ryan and Wood Distiller Bobby Ryan

Raising Funds to Save Newell Stadium $5 at the door

Free Food – Cash Bar

Tastings of Gloucester’s own Beer and Spirits

Thursday, April 29 at Lat 43

See Joey C’s “Why I Love Gloucester” Movie

Get free I ♥ Gloucester bumper stickers and buy I ♥ Gloucester t-shirts to benefit GHS sports

Win Gift Certficates – Bumper Sticker Facebook Photo Contest at IHeartGloucester on Facebook

click picture for full sized version

Come Hop Skip and Go Naked Thursday Night At Lat 43!

click poster for full sized version

Thursday Night we are having a blow out to “Celebrate Gloucester” at Lat 43. Mark McDonough asked me to put together a movie of man on the street “Why I love Gloucester interviews” which we will show during the evening. There are going to be free I Heart Gloucester Bumper stickas. There’s going to be contests and giveaways. Also there have been a bunch of folks who will be celebrity bartenders. I’ve also been asked to fill a shift as a celebrity bartender. My shift will be at 8:30PM if any of my peeps (that means you if you’re reading this) want to come by and show some love.

So let’s get to the good part shall we? The Hop Skip and Go Nekkid Part. I knew you wanted to so I won’t bore you with the rest of the details til later on in the post.

This morning at 3:30AM it struck me! I shot up out of bed with an eureka moment! I was semi-sweating the celebrity bartender part as I’m no mixologist but y’all know when I have a project I come big! So this past weekend we had a dinner party at the house of some very special friends- The Foster’s. The Foster’s served up Hop, Skip and Go Nekkid’s at the dinner party and not only did they serve them, but they served them in Mason Jars! What’s better than drinking out of mason jars FFS! so I put in numerous emails and phone calls til I got to my boy McDonough to get the green light for the purchase of several cases of Mason Jars! He being a man of great wisdom and vision whole heartily agreed with my plan to have each celebrity bartender create a signature drink for the evening.

What’s in a Hop, Skip and Go Nekkid you ask? Well since you asked I’ll tell ya- Beauport Vodka, Lemonade and Beer! You can’t even taste the booze but they get you shithammered in a hurry! You’re gonna love em, trust me!

So make sure all you hot bitches and hos make your way to Lat 43 Thursday night and Party like a rockstar with your boy.

Now for all the other stuff-

Lat 43’s official Press release-

Celebrating Gloucester – Raising Funds for Rebuilding Newell Stadium

On Thursday, April 29, the community of Gloucester will come together at Latitude 43 to celebrate all the people, organizations and places that make this such a great community. Although one never needs a reason to have a good time, on the 29th of April we will be partying with a purpose! The goal of this celebration is to raise funds for The Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Organization (GFAA) in their efforts to keep Gloucester sports alive. More specifically, the event will help raise funds for the GFAA to offset the continually rising price of sports user fees, thereby increasing access to and participation in youth sports programs, regardless of family income or individual athletic ability.

Mark McDonough, owner of Latitude 43, decided to do a fund raiser for the GFAA after hearing of the cause from Gordon Baird when asked to design the poster for the “Battle of the Bands.” “I never felt like I had a home town until I moved to Gloucester,” McDonough says, “I’ve never seen a town with as much heart as Gloucester. We fight a lot over the schools, the fort, the police, the firemen, the hospital, harbor, the traffic patterns, whatever. But it’s because we care. I think that our passionate love of our community is worth highlighting and celebrating.”

And, of course, Gloucester loves a party – a block party, a high school super bowl party, a fiesta party, a beach party, a private party. We love to party. “That’s why it makes so much sense to raise money for the GFAA with a party. We may have our issues, and it seems the whole universe knows it, but we love this place and we love to celebrate the GOOD of this island like nobody else,” says Jennifer Goulart Amero, Director of Events and Marketing for the restaurant group. “We’re going to focus on the positive and make this a fun and memorable evening for a something else we love – Fisherman sports.”

“Latitude is providing free food. There will be free tasting booths by Gloucester’s own spirit mastes Ryan and Wood Distillery and Fishermen’s Brew. Joey Ciaramitaro, blog-meister of “Good Morning Gloucester” will unveil his latest video of “man on the street” interviews answering the question, “Why I Love Gloucester…” Local DJ Leo Francis will be spinning tunes and a host of celebrity bartenders will be serving drinks with all tips going to the GFAA. Celebrity bartenders include Joe Ciaramitaro, Sefatia Romeo Theken, Geoffrey Richon, Deborah Coull, Ruth Pino, Lenny Linquata, Vito Giacalone, members of the Gloucester School Committee, and more. A prize raffle including a fully catered graduation party, signed sports memorabilia and other terrific items will contribute to the potential for funds, as well as a 50/50 raffle and I Heart Gloucester T-shirt sales (part of a summer long positive image campaign and long-term sports fundraiser) will add to the mix to help raise even more money, keeping user fees down for even more kids.

$5 at the door goes directly to the GFAA for this year’s user fees. A 50-50 raffle will go half to athletic fees and half to a lucky winner. GFAA has organized a silent auction and Jen Waitkus manager of Lat 43 has devised her own raffle for raising funds:

    • FIRST PRIZE: Free Catered Graduation Party valued at $500
    • SECOND PRIZE: Sushi & Spirits Gift Basket with Ryan & Wood Spirits& Latitude 43 Sushi
    • THIRD PRIZE: Beer Lover’s Bash Gift Basket with Fisherman’s Brew & 10 lbs Lat 43 Wings

Current student user fees are between $295 and $395 per sport, a seriously prohibitive amount for many families. Furthermore, most students play more than one sport within each school year, which increases the financial burden carried by each family. The increasing cost is the result of a decrease in funding for school sports and the school committee’s efforts to make athletics self-funding. The GFAA’s creation was prompted by the imbalance in cost and funding, and their sole purpose is to raise money toward universal decreases in user fees for all sports. According to Jonathon Pope of the GFAA “what happens is top tier athletes will find funding. It’s the third stringers or the kids that only go in when the team is winning who choose not to pay the fees to play. So only the stars athletes are out there. Participation is down all across the board. We want every kid to get a chance to play, whether they are stars or not. That’s what we work for”.

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