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Lanes Cove Frozen Solid February 2015 Photo From Judy Wright

Hi again Joey,

I’ve attached another photo taken in Lanesville.  Lanes Cove is frozen solid and Ipswich bay has an icy covering.  You can see just a bit of unfrozen water on the top right.

Thanks for using my last photos.

Judy Wright


WIP “The Intruder”

This is a work in progress of the Boat The Intruder in Lanes Cove. I’m using a photo I took a few years ago.
Oil on Panel.


Frank McCall Lanes Cove Storm Video II

Hi Joey,

I took another walk to Lanes Cove after I finished my shoveling today. The water level was higher than yesterday’s high tide and the breakwater had quite a bit more splash-over. If you watch carefully, you will see water pouring through the breakwater as well. I could not stand in the same place where I took my video yesterday because that location was underwater!

Frank McCall

Found on the Hard Drive “Meditation” 2006

Found on the Hard Drive  “Meditation” 2006

These Photos were Shot with a Kodak dx6490 4mp 10x zoom in 2006.

One year after we returned home to Gloucester

and 4 years before I was asked to join GMG.



Big Bird ID Request From Martha Lazarus

Hi Joey,

Some noisy crows attracted my attention to this magnificent bird passing by Lane’s Cove this morning.  Can someone help me identify it?


Martha Lazarus

bird, Lane's Covebird, Lane's Cove-2bird, Lane's Cove-3

My completely uneducated guess is a Red Tailed Hawk but hope to hear from the many bird watching freaks that frequent GMG Smile

CLIFFORD MCCARTHY Forwards this handy reference chart to help narrow it down

Bird ID

A Sunny Sunday Morning on Cape Ann

but it was foggy in Lanes Cove. High tide too.

FYI: Santa will arrive in Rockport this Saturday December 3rd aboard the Freemantle Doctor promptly at 3:45PM with a Dock Square tree lighting at 4PM. Don’t miss the hot chocolate with marshmallows and cookies.

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