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Woods Hole Pulls Ahead in Social Media

Just received my invite to the Opening of the Landfall in Woods Hole on April 4th. CLICK. now before you call me a traitor to Cape Ann, let me explain. I grew up in Woods Hole so when I am bored I “Like” the places there in Facebook. Same with Gloucester and Rockport.

So my question to the places opening on Cape Ann in the next few weeks, WHERE IS MY INVITE?? Donnie Estes and the Estes family have done an amazing job over the years making the Landfall the place to be on opening night in Woods Hole. It’s the start of the season.  The starting gun for the Knockabouts is just around the corner.

Come on Cape Ann restaurants, I have liked your pages, now send the invites out. If you still have “Thanks for a Great Season, See you in the Spring” on your website and social media I guess you are going for the semi-soft opening, and you don’t really want the place packed.


If you don’t like semi-soft, email Joey and he will show you how to stiffen things up. It’s easy.