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2013 GHS Field Hockey Kudos From John Nasser

Hello Joey,

I just thought that the 2013 GHS Field Hockey team should get a little recognition for qualifying for the State Tournament this season following a 3-1 victory over Peabody this past Monday night.

These girls worked their tails off this year.

Right now their record stands at 8-6-1 which puts them in 4th place in their division. They have one more game to play before the tournament begins.

I believe it’s been six years since they last qualified.

The team is led by head coach Lauren Riley and assisted by her Dad, Don Riley.

Congratulations Ladies!

2013 GHS Field Hockey

Huge Kudos To The Team That Produced The Rockport Harvest Festival

That town was jumpin!

Great job all the way around!  Took the trolley from the Rockport Transfer station- less than 5 minutes of a ride on the cool trolley with a super friendly attendant and driver- total no brainer rather than driving in circles in downtown Rockport trying to find a spot to park.

Thanks for the time and energy you put in to make such a fantastic day- we really appreciated it.


and for anyone that missed it- you really ought to pencil it into your calendar for next year- It’s a must-do event.


-The 2013 Harvestfest poster, designed by the very talented Darren Mason!

Has Any Gloucester Mayor Or City Council Had This Much Success In What Is Supposed To Be A Suck Economy?

Big Time Kudos to Those In Charge.  I’d Say We’ve Never Had It So Good


Just This Year-

Harbor Walk

Three Turbines which will if “conservative numbers” pan out will provide $450K in energy savings and the City didn’t pay a dime for them.


Expansion at Gortons

Burnhams Field The Largest Inner City Green Space Gets Totally Redone

Endicott College Opens It’s Doors In Gloucester

Excellent New Police and Fire Chiefs

Huge windfalls in free cash and upgraded bond ratings

Huge upgrades to our water and sewer infrastructure

#Boom!  You can fool good about the direction this City is taking. Honoring it’s past while readying for it’s future.

(Thanks Ed for helping me with this list)

Kudos To The 2012 Block Party Organizers and Supporters

The Block Parties and The Middle Street Walk are right up there with what I think are the best family fun times for our City.  There is a tremendous amount of energy spent putting these things together and the people that work behind the scenes so you can go down and enjoy all the free entertainment and safe fun atmosphere are many.

Also thank you to the many City officials and agencies that get behind and support it.

So kudos to you all and Thank you for all the hard/fun work you do.

From the Block Party Website-

The Block Heads Who Bring the Block Parties to You Are

Mark McDonough
Mark McDonough – Eminence Gris
Entrepreneur and restaurateur, an inspiring Gloucester supporter, Mark always has his ear to the ground. Because of this he’s often hard to find. He’s a genius, but you’d never guess. He once wanted to jump off a bridge in Paris, but was afraid he’d be found in Seine. His termite collection is world renown.

Valerie Marcley
Valerie Marcley – Artistic Director and Disorganizer Former Construction worker, Playboy bunny and financial advisor to Bernie Madoff. She loves nature, in spite of what it did to her. She has dated several animals. Val enjoys rehab and injuries. She has never really grown up.

Judith Brackley
Judith Brackley – Sponsorship and Advertising Director Writer, radio station boss and news person, she’ll do anything to wear costumes. This is a sickness and she needs help. Please send your contributions (or costumes) to Sequins Anonymous. She loves show business and played the part of the chandelier in The Phantom of the Opera. Judith has almost no musical ability.

Lucinda Seigel
Lucinda Seigel – Volunteer Coordinator and Advisor: Lucinda has a vast international business experience. Because of this Interpol is offering a reward for her. She loves danger and is frequently under cover, so if you see her ignore her. Lucinda carries a gun, enjoys cannibalism and catatonic states. Don’t waste your time trying to figure her out.

Will Hunt
Will Hunt – Technical Director Will makes the Block Party music materialize. A master musician he’s learning the bagpipes but is off kilter. Will spends much of his time decomposing. Although making people leery with his incessant cheerfulness and sunny disposition, Will wears blame proudly. He has almost no self-control.

Contact us at: glostablockpahty@gmail.com with your comments and questions. See you soon!

If you’d like to volunteer, please send an email to lseigel1@gmail.com. Not sure how you can help? Click here for some fun ideas.

Thank you to our exceptionally generous sponsors for all their help! Visit them through the links below:

The GDBP is a project of the non-profit CABI with major support from

Applied Materials

Gloucester Daily Time
Stop & Shop
Orleans Live at North Shore Music Theatre

Latitude 43
Rockport National Bank
Hiltz Disposal
Alchemy Cafe & Bistro

© 2008 – 2012, Downtown Block Party Committee ~ Website donated by Van Ness Group ~ Logo & Posters by Mike Ciolino of Verve Creative

Don’t look Now But McDonalds In Gloucester May Be The Classiest Designed McDonalds of All Time

They went from clown yellow and harsh red to a tasteful textured rock front.

God bless the owners of McDonalds in Gloucester for putting in a fantastic re-do on whatr was formerly a monster eyesore.

2012-07-02 08.38.40

Kudos To McDonalds Gloucester

The reconstruction is well under way.

The building looks like it is mostly made of brick which blends in 100 zillion times nicer than the old building which was painted the most ghastly of primary colors of bright red, harsh yellow and glossy white.

Hopefully when the finishing touches are made that they use some tasteful accenting colors to the brick.

The neighbors across the street must be thrilled.  I figure that on top of not having to look at the hideous old building they each will see the values of their homes go up by $15-$20,000 just by getting rid of that old primary color harsh yellow, red and white from the old building.


Thanks Everyone!

Block Party Kudos to Our BP Committee membersVickie and PeterVan Ness, Jackie Hardy, Erika Hansen, Linn Parisi, and Janice Lufkin Shea for working as the usual killer team to make things happen.

Special thanks to some unsung heros who also helped tremendously during the event- Erika Hansen’s husband Dave, Linn Parisi’s husband Nick, FOB Frank and Joey Ciolino, Rick Moore and Donna Ardizzone who walked the street at the end of the night picking up cigarette butts and trash along the way to leave the street in better shape than what we found it even after the huge number of people that turned out for the event.

Kathy Middleton, Mike Hale and Mark Cole for providing extra barrels  which cut down on the amount of trash which otherwise would have overflowed onto the sidewalks without the extra  barrels.

Thanks to all the GMG fans who stopped by to say hi and introduce yourselves and pick up stickers.  Don’t forget to send in those Gloucester Sticker pics for posting on these pages!

Thanks to Joe Aiello and Miles Schlicte for working with the merchants and restaurants to insure that all of the requirements of the special permits were met.

Thanks to the entertainers-musicians, dancers, DJs and media presenters.  thanks to Jay Albert and Steve B for helping to set up the media presentations along with Frank and Joey Ciolino.

Thanks to the local artists who helped fill the street with their incredible art.

Thanks to  Blackburn Performing Arts and Elliotts at the Blackburn for providing the space and electricity for the bands in the West End.

Nancy Goodman and Jim Gudstadt who helped the bands set up.

Thanks to seARTS and Kat Valentine for sending out the word to the local art community via the seARTS newsblast.

Thanks to the merchants for staying open and welcoming people to Gloucester.

Thanks to Charlee Bianchini from the Beacon and Ray Lamont from the Times for helping us get the word out.  Also the Chamber of Commerce for putting it in their weekly newsletter.

Thanks to Ambie and son for the fantastic sausage sandwich at teh end of teh night when I thought I was gonna drop.

Thanks to Rockport National Bank for sponsoring the flyers and Rick Moore and Donna Ardizzoni for sponsoring the banners.

Thanks to Ringo Tarr for lighting and Steve Noble who is always willing to help out.

Thanks to the licensing boards and the board of health and Mayors office  for getting behind the event.

I don’t get political on these pages but I would just like to say that when it comes time for elections that my friend and Block Party Committe member Jackie Hardy deserves your vote.

She works tirelessly and without agenda for the betterment of our community.  Without her guidance as far as regulations and knowing how to go about things the event probably wouldn’t be as successful as it is.

If I forgot anyone I’m terribly sorry.  I’m at work with three and a half hours sleep.

video coming at 8am

Part of The Block Party Clean Up Crew

Part of The Block Party Clean Up Crew- Nick Parisi, Janice Lufkin Shea, Dave (Erika's Husband) Linn Parisi, and Frank Ciolino- Not pictured- Ed Collard, Vickie Van Ness, Erika Hansen, Donna Ardizzoni and Rick Moore.

Downtown Streets Cleaned After Block Party

Downtown Streets Cleaned After Block Party

Thanks to everyone who helped with the clean up

Thanks to everyone who helped with the clean up