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Boston Massacre Calendar Shoot- Photos David Cox

It should be pointed out that the pictures David took are not the photos that will be used for the calendar.  these are pictures of the shoot taking place.  We will be sure to let y’all know when the calendar becomes available and link to it when it goes on sale. 








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Krush Puppy In The Box

Derby was a blast as usual although I was exhausted and didn’t get the interviews that I really enjoy doing because I just didn’t have the energy.

Krush Puppy In The Box, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Bloodbath Bettie
Mrs Dash, Bedlam Belle and Killary Clinton

Derby Dame Lobster Abuse!

Someone call the authorities!

2009-05-16-026, originally uploaded by Boston Derby Dames.

Pictured- Top: Piña Collidah

Photo from the Boston Derby Dame Flickr set

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Connie Rotten and Floral Derangement Of The Wicked Pissahs

As the regular readers of GMG can attest, I’ve become a huge fan of Roller Derby.  The shit is C R A Z Y!!!!!!!  How I found out about it was through East Gloucester residents and Local Blogger Jon Conant. Jon is married to the lovely Krush Puppy, a jammer for the Boston Massacre.  Her interview will be coming up.  You can check out his site by clicking this text

Here’s Krush Puppy from East Gloucester and Shelby Shattered From Essex spending some quality time in the penalty box-
Here’s Pinchy McMasshole the Boston Massacre mascot looking dejected while The Charm City Roller Girls mascots (hotdogs) prance around.

Shelby Shattered Sporting Pig Tails and Some Serious Ink!

Shelby Shattered sports some serious ink on her right arm. Shelby really seemed to set the pace during the bout. From my limited experience as a fan of the sport it looked like the Boston Massacre had a mental edge in knowing how to set the pace. It isn’t all about flying around the track as fast as you can.

I forgot to ask Shelby where she had her tattoo done.  The cloroing was strong.

Shelby Shattered and Krush Puppy In The Penalty Box

Shelby Shattered and Krush Puppy spend some quality time diiscussing the finer points of maiming and punishing while taking a break in the penalty box for an infraction during The Boston Massaccre/Maine Port Authority Bout.  Both of these hard core derby competitors hail from The North Shore.  Represent!

Things To Do- Boston Derby Dames Roller Derby

I don’t know about you but I would love to go to this event.   Karen Conant AKA “Krush Puppy”  is a local who is a Jammer/blocker for the Boston Massacre.   For more info click the banner above to go to the Boston Derby Dames website.