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The Scarf, With Pockets!

Scarf with Pockets ©Kim Smith 2014. JPG -3 copy The ideal scarf for photographers ~ a scarf-with-pockets!

If you are anything like me, when out photographing or filming, your coat pockets are so over-stuffed that there is no room for frozen fingers. Typically, my pockets contain second and third alternate lenses, car keys, lens cap, lens wiping cloth, and gloves. The gloves are off so that I can work the cameras, which invariably leads to numb hands and fingers. Meet the scarf-with-pockets. In between shots, you can tuck your hands into the convenient scarf pockets. For added warmth, I worked this in the brioche stitch, which creates a luxuriously textured and lofty pattern.

My favorite yarn currently is Frog Trees’s gorgeous Chunky Alpaca. Alpaca is warm and cozy, with a similarly soft feel to that of cashmere, and is NOT ITCHY!

You can purchase Frog Tree’s Chunky Alpaca from Robert at Coveted Yarn. Frog Tree yarns are fair trade; profits from the sale of yarns goes to the artisan.

Frog Tree chunky Alpaca ©Kim Smith 2014 copyChunky Alpaca comes in a beautiful array of colors. If Robert doesn’t have the color you are looking for in stock, ask, and he will custom order it for you.

4 Skeins Frog Tree Chunky Alpaca

#6 needles (or size to suit your knitting style; I knit very loosely)

Cast on, very loosely 24 sitiches. Work basic brioche stitch for approximately 52 inches. Bind off loosely. Scarf measurement before pockets: 52″ in length, 6″ wide.

For each pocket ( work both simultaneously on the same needles so they come out the same length), loosely cast on 48 stitches. Work knit one pearl one ribbing for one inch. Switch to brioche stitch and work until total length of pockets equals the same width of scarf (in this case, 6 inches). Bind off very loosely. Slightly stretch and block ribbing to equal width of the pocket. Stitch pockets to scarf.

Scarf with Pockets ©Kim Smith 2014. JPGPocket Detail

End Notes ~ The brioche stitch is a little tricky. Heidi, who works at Coveted Yarn, recommended online youtube tutorials, which I did, and found it was a terrific way to learn a new pattern. This is the perfect winter for an extra thick and lofty scarf and I’ll be busy on a second scarf-with-pockets because daughter Liv has claimed the red one in the photo.

I have recently noticed scarves with pockets in shops and the pocket openings were acclimated horizontally rather than vertically, as are the pockets in this pattern. That’s a great idea, because the pockets can then be used to also hold items however, the openings would be less conveniently placed for warming hands.

Frog Tree chunky Alpaca Coveted yarn ©Kim Smith 2014

Cindy Rich’s Joey C Sweater Progress Update 11/30/13! Just The Sleeves Left!!!!

Cindy’s Update 11/30/13

I was aiming to have this to you by thanksgiving, but that’s come and gone.
Just need to knit the sleeves… Stay tuned… Cindy

photo (58)

Cindy’s Update 10/16/13

photo (56)

Will have to get some measurements soon… Working my way down to the waist

photo (57)

Great day to knit outside

Update 10/10/13-

image001 (2)

photoshopping by Ryan Waite of Ryan Waite Photography http://ryanwaite.tumblr.com/

FOB Cindy Rich Is Needles Deep Into Producing My New Sweater!

10/9/13 Update-

Close to the great divide… A few more rows and the body and sleeves will begin to take shape

photo (55)


Lots of stitches on needles now… Adding more every other row to create ‘broad’ shoulders and a ‘manly’ chest!!!

image (2)

Thanks to Coveted Yarn for sponsoring the yarn!  Did you know Coveted Yarn has moved from East Main Street To The lower level of Shaws Plaza on Eastern Ave.


Cindy writes-

On the needles…  How does cashmere sound??? Charcoal?


Moving right along… Neckband done… Division for back, front and sleeves…

image (1)

Moving down over the shoulders… Still unrecognizable as a sweater…

image (2)

Here’s the original offer which Cindy took me up on-

I’d like a lg mens merino wool sweater in the style above minus the Charlie Brown pattern color heather grey or charcoal.  Any knitters up for it?  Your picture on the blog and the yarn shop that wants to donate the yarn will get my time posting about the process.

Here’s where I saw the pattern but you might have a classic crew neck sweater pattern we could look at too.

Any Knitters Out There Want To Knit Me A Sweater In Trade For One Of The New Heavy Weight Super Soft Fleece Double Lined Hood GMG Hoodies?

I’d like a lg mens merino wool sweater in the style above minus the Charlie Brown pattern color heather grey or charcoal.  Any knitters up for it?  Your picture on the blog and the yarn shop that wants to donate the yarn will get my time posting about the process.

Here’s where I saw the pattern but you might have a classic crew neck sweater pattern we could look at too.

Author Sally Goldenbaum Talks Gloucester and New Mystery Book A Holiday Yarn

Sally talks about Gloucester and a whole ton of Gloucester references in her new mystery “A Holiday Yarn”

Sally will be reading and signing her new book “A Holiday Yarn,” this Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Rockport Library.

You can check out Sally Goldenbaum’s website and blog here

The blog portion of her site can be accessed by clicking the tab labeled “Sally’s Porch”.  My guess is that 95% of the people that go to her site probably never knew she had a blog that was attached to her site because they didn’t know that the “Sally’s Porch” tab is what would land you there.  A more appropriate label for that tab would probably be “blog” or “Sally’s Blog”.

Coveted Yarn- Social Media Aware Yarn Retailer Grows Gloucester Business

What started out as a little yarn shop has grown into a nice business and the thing to me that is really cool about it (beside the fact that they are Gloucester based and have probably the best stocked knitting shop around) is that they took a hobby that people have been doing for centuries and a thing as simple as selling yarn and grown it in big part to their social media initiatives. they are reaching out to people all over the world and have followers and customers that travel from all over due to their web presence. Without their social media facebook, twitter,blog and presence on knitting websites like Ravelry there is no doubt in my mind that their business and message wouldn’t reach nearly as many of their customers as it does and this is for little to no money at all according to Robert.

I am more convinced than ever that if you are a retailer or restaurant that sells to the public and you don’t have a social media plan that you are being negligent.
You can check out Coveted Yarn at any of these locations-


Chickity Check It! Lisa Bruce’s Sunshine Walks


Lisa Bruce a local seamstress, knitter, nanny, housewife, mainer-at-heart sells beautiful

“knitting project bags, pouches, needle rolls, and more!”

She has a very reasonably priced ETSY store where you can find her vibrantly colored and designed creations like these-


Click the picture above to check out her ETSY store

Lisa also has a blog which she infrequently updates but you may find interesting-


Knitting at the Cape Ann Brewery / Matteo Russo Fund Raiser

Knitting Seaman Scarves and raising money for the children of Matteo Russo, a Gloucester fisherman who was lost at sea, in January 2009.

Organized by Kathleen Valentine and designer of the seaman’s scarves.

see Video

Kat Valentine, Cape Ann Brewing Featured In Cape Ann Magazine!

From Kat Valentine the creator of the Parlez Moi Blog and a bajillion books-

Cape Ann Magazine wrote an article about knitting on Cape Ann with some pictures from our Tuesday night Knit Night at Cape Ann Brewing’s Pub. They interviewed me and quote me in the article. I put pictures and a PDF of the article on my blog if you want to read it: http://parlezmoiblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/cape-ann-magazine-loves-knitters.html
Our group:
And the “expert”, toasting the knitters who helped make her book a success:

Here are some pictures and videos from Coveted Yarn which is located just up the street from the dock here on East Main Street-

Things To Do- Knitting Night at Cape Ann Brewing

Tuesday Night is Knitting Night at Cape ann Brewing-

More about knitting night: The inaugural knitting night took place on Tuesday 12/15 at Cape Ann Brewing. The first true ladies night you’ve ever been to.  Our co-sponsor of the evening was the Coveted Yarn.  Coupons were available for use at the the Coveted Yard after knitting night was over.

Coupons for Cape Ann Brewing Company: Udine4less.com/capeannbrewing

Donna Marchant Hand Knitted Green Stuff For St Paddy’s Day At Local Colors

Look for the Donna Marchant Video Interview at 4PM

Donna explains how the artist cooperative at Local Colors is run and takes us through some of her beautiful work.

For more information about Local Colors click this text to go to their website

Paul Bruce Represents!

Here’s Paul Bruce.  A special shout out to Paul’s wife Lisa Bruce who is a fan of the blog and an avid knitter.  Check out Lisa’s knitting website by clicking this text.

You can also check out a slide show of her knitting by clicking Paul’s picture-

Paul Bruce Represents!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.