My Photos in the Boston Sunday Globe Magazine!

  Check out JoeAnn’s article and my photos for this week’s Boston Globe Magazine! Contractually, I don’t think I can post any of the photos from the article on GMG (for a brief period of time), so here are some of the outtakes. Click on any … Continue reading

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Thanks So Much to Kate and Our Friends at Wolf Hill!!!

Newly Emerged Male Black Swallowtail Butterfly Thanks to Kate and the team at Wolf Hill for giving me a second Black Swallowtail caterpillar of the season. And, as I was getting ready to discard the parsley plant from the first … Continue reading

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Garden Tour with Kim Smith at Willowdale Estate

Please join me Monday evening for a tour of the butterfly gardens I designed for Willowdale Estate. Come experience a taste of Briar’s gracious hospitality and enjoy refreshments served in the conservatory. The tulips are at their peak and look … Continue reading

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Living in a Whistler Painting

Smith’s Cove in the fog last night reminded me of Whistler’s Nocturne series. Although British-based, Whistler was born in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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World’s Greatest Mitten-Glove Design for Photographers

I am just crazy about this mitten design because of the handy flap, which when flipped back, reveals a fingerless glove. If you want to wear it flipped back all the time the button and loop closure keeps the flap … Continue reading

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Kyla Hair Salon

Thank you Melissa Cox for recommending the fabulous Heather at Kyla Hair Salon. I Love her!!!  I had such a disagreeable experience the last time I visited a salon that it has been nearly an entire year since my last … Continue reading

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First View Day One Gloucester Windmill at 7:19

Click to view larger.

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Getting ready for my close-up photography workshop tomorrow

Native Flowering Dogwood ~ Cornus florida rubra I am so excited to be teaching my photography workshop tomorrow. I’ve created an over arching superstructure for the class, from covering camera and photography basics, relevant to close-up photography, onto very specific … Continue reading

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Kim Smith Close-up Photography Workshop at the Arnold Arboretum

Monarch Butterfly Migration Gloucester Massachusetts 2012 Registration is still open however, my close-up photography workshop, Nature in Focus, is nearly full. The workshop will be will be held at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard, at the Hunnewell Building, on Sunday September 3oth, at 9:00 … Continue reading

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Velvet Underground

This is definitely not what Lou Reed, John Cale, Angus MacLise, Sterling Morrison, and  Michael Leigh had in mind… The release of the album Transformer was a seminal moment in our cultural history. The first video features David Bowie and Lou Reed with … Continue reading

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Call for Wildflower Locations

Seaside Goldenrod While I am finishing editing my Black Swallowtail film, I am also shooting footage for my film about the Monarch butterflies. I am looking for scenes of wildflower meadows and drifts–milkweed, asters, and goldenrod, for example. If you … Continue reading

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Happy Dog Days of August!

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

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Quilled Sweet Coneflower

Introducing Henry Eiler’s Sweet Coneflower ~ New to our garden this year is the Quilled Sweet Coneflower. The finely quilled sunny  yellow petals are simply lovely, as is the overall shape of the plant. The wildflower is a North American … Continue reading

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Gloucester Harbor Walk Gus Foote Dedication Sunday

Tomorrow, Sunday, at noon is the dedication of the Gus Foote Park. Following the dedication, I will be giving a mini-talk about the butterfly gardens planted along the Harbor Walk. A yummy clam chowder tasting is planned, provided by the … Continue reading

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Fragrant Daylilies

Oftentimes well-meaning hybridizers neglect fragrance, instead favoring a particular color or over-sized blooms. Hemerocallis dumortieri is a species daylily meaning it is exactly as you would find it growing in fields of wildflowers in Manchuria, eastern Russia, Korea, and Japan. The golden … Continue reading

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Interested in Helping with the Historic Garden at the Sargent House?

Come join a group of garden-loving volunteers at the Sargent House Museum who work 1-2 hours a week making the garden shine. Volunteers receive a free tour of the fabulous home of Judith Sargent Murray, first feminist writer in the … Continue reading

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Save the Date ~ Tuesday June 12

I hope you can come join me in the courtyard garden I designed for Willowdale on Tuesday June 12th at 7pm. The event is free and should be lots of fun. I am looking forward to showing my film and … Continue reading

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