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You and Chelsea Berry making a new album! KICKSTARTER 16 days to go!


I’ve been living on the road, writing the songs, and now I’m ready to head in to the studio- with your help! Let’s make this album!

Read about/Back this project > https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chelseaberry/you-and-chelsea-berry-making-a-new-album?ref=discovery


Nutty Redhead looking For Some help

Kind greetings Joey,

Thank you for pledging to my last Kickstarter project in October for Whole Foods Market. I didn’t reach the goal so I got nothing, that’s the rules. No credit cards were ever charged.

As you know, I have launched the project one more time. I’m already 85% funded and only have 7 days left. If you could kindly re-pledge, as the others already did, I will hit my goal. Pledging last time does not carry over to this one, as some had thought. You must pledge again. In the spirit of holiday giving, I humbly ask you to give once more. You will get 10% off all future orders along with your reward gifts listed, and you will take pride in knowing that you helped a friend in need. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Sincerely, Lisa


Update to the Update ~ BREAKING, BREAKING NEWS: Science All Around Us Did It!!!!

Science All Around Us has so far raised $38,468!!! There is still time to donate to their Kickstarter Project.
Fundraising ends tonight at midnight. Listen to Joey’s interview with Collin, Nubar, and Tom to learn more details about plans for additional funds raised. 

Joey Ciaramitaro, Nubar Alexanian, Collin Keegan, Tom Ellis Captain Joes ©Kim Smith 2014

Our heartfelt congratulations to Science All Around Us!

With the help of 313 backers, the Science All Around Us team has raised $35,748. All best wishes for continued success!

A note from the Science All Around Us Kicksarter Project Update:

“As we mentioned in our Kickstarter pitch, if we raise more than our goal of $35,000 we will use the additional funds to hire a team to create an interactive and fun website that will allow Collin to engage with kids from all walks of life. This will be a state-of-the-art site that will grow along with the series. It will also keep Science All Around Us alive and growing online as we produce the pilot and find the right broadcast outlet for Collin and this series.”

Click here to donate: Science All Around Us with Collin Keagan.


Let your friends and family know about this exciting series and share the links on Facebook and Twitter.

BREAKING NEWS: Science All Around Us Has Raised Over $31K!!!

Science All Around Us has raised $31,483.00, with six days left to go. They are in the home stretch. Be a part of the tremendous team of people backing this worthy endeavor (283 so far!). Click here to donate to Science All Around Us with Collin Keagan.

Collin talks about his interest in aviation in this video

For more information see previous GMG posts here:

Check Out Science All Around Us with Colin Keegan

Science All Around Us Has raised Over 18K

Breaking News for Science All Around Us

GMG Podcast with host Joey C and guests Donna Ardizonni and Kim Smith

If you have already donated, you can continue to help by spreading the word to reach as many people as possible during the fundraising campaign. Let your friends and family know about this exciting series and share the links on Facebook and Twitter.


Science All Around Us Hits Another Milestone and Are Two Thirds of the Way Towards Making Their Goal!

When last we reported on Tuesday evening, Science All Around Us had reached the halfway point towards their fundraising goals. We are so excited to share that in only four days, through the generosity and good faith of of 223 backers, they have raised another $6,000.00, bringing the new total to $24,336. Science All Around Us is a project truly worthy of our donations.

To learn more and to donate, visit the Science All Around Us Kickstarter Page here.

We showed parts one and two of Colin’s recent interview, the following is part three

For more information see previous GMG posts here:

Check Out Science All Around Us with Colin Keegan

Science All Around Us Has raised Over 18K

If you have already donated, you can continue to help by spreading the word to reach as many people as possible during the fundraising campaign. Let your friends and family know about this exciting series and share the links on Facebook and Twitter.


Science All Around Us Has Raised Over $18K Surpassing Their Halfway Point!

This is wonderfully exciting news not only for Captain Tom, Colin, and Nubar, but for our community at large. If you haven’t yet backed their Kickstarter program to raise funds for the the pilot of the series, Science All Around Us, the first of which will be created aboard Gloucester’s own Schooner Thomas E. Lannon, now is the perfect time. With less than two weeks to go, the project will not go forward unless the full $35,000. needed for the pilot is raised.

Read More About the Project from Captain Tom Elliis and Joey Here

If you have already donated, you can continue to help by spreading the word to reach as many people as possible during the fundraising campaign. Let your friends and family know about this exciting series and share the links on Facebook and Twitter.

More from Colin on the Science All Around Us



Eight Year Old Boy Kick-Starts An Extraordinary Educational Series

Nubar Alexanian submits-

Captain Tom Ellis of the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon and Nubar Alexanian of Walker Creek Media are working together to bring to fruition an amazing young boy’s vision: a science educational series created by and starring a kid. The series, “Science All Around Us,” will be produced right here in Gloucester, and so far it looks beautiful.  Take a look at their Kickstarter campaign. 
This new friend of Captain Tom believes that science doesn’t only need to be taught by adults. Kids can (and should) teach other kids too! Right now, this amazing project needs your help. They’ve got the talent, the passion, the powerful idea and all they need are the resources to make it happen.  Even if you can’t donate, check out Collin’s answer to his father’s question about why we should care about science by clicking on the questions below. It will convince you this is a project that matters.

PLEASE REMEMBER to “like” this project on their Facebook and follow them on @SciAllAroundUs Twitter, where they’re posting hilarious facts and articles daily.

Check Out Science All Around Us with Collin Keegan

Our Buddy Tom Ellis Of the Schooner Thomas E Lannon Is Involved In A very Special Project-

Science All Around Us with Collin Keegan

As captain and owner of the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon for the last 17 years, I’ve met thousands of people. Many stand out, 

but one eight year old boy named Collin Keegan is exceptional.  I first met Collin on a Saturday morning Kids-go-Free sail. 

It was obvious from our first conversation that he was special.  Collin has a huge curiosity about the world and likes to share 

what he learns with other kids. What better way to do that than through video? After seeing the first edits of this film, 

Collin came up with the idea of “Science all around us.” And  that became the title of the 5 episode video series we would 

like to produce. 

I’m asking you to watch this short video about Collin. If you like the idea of getting our youth excited about learning, 

you can help by making a kickstarter pledge. Even if you cannot donate, you can help by sharing this video with your 

friends, colleagues, or members of the organizations you belong to. And I know you’ll enjoy watching Collin!

Our goal is to produce a pilot video that will attract a distributor for the series. 

Check Out The Kickstarter Campaign Video-


Meet Collin Keegan. At first glance, he looks like a normal rambunctious eight-year old. He likes wearing a faded red baseball cap. He carries a pen and a notebook in his pocket just in case he needs to draw a diagram to explain a scientific concept to a friend or peer. He has a charming British accent and an endearing lisp. He’s cute—that you’ll be able to recognize easily—but something special sparks inside this small forty-pound boy when he’s sharing knowledge and learning with others. He has a truly infectious joy of learning and an amazing ability to recognize the creative way science affects and shapes our world. Through Collin’s eyes the rudder and steering wheel of a sailboat become a “mechanical connection system.” He knows intuitively the science that propels every day objects, and he applies scientific concepts and principles in a way that’s truly inspiring.

Collin docking the 65 ft Schooner Lannon

Collin docking the 65 ft Schooner Lannon

     Like the project on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

and once again check out the mission page here

That Nutty Redhead is Going Places!

52e023c288499e38ed518ad47d011b14_largeThat dynamo Nutty Redhead is every where! See Lisa’s latest video here: That Nutty Redhead Kickstarter Update, today’s issue of The Gloucester Daily TimesGetting Nutty,” this coming Saturday at the Rockport Harvest Festival, and this winter, she will be featured in the holiday issue of Edible Boston. Am I leaving anything off this multi-talented woman’s long list of recent accomplishments? Oh, yes, she also has an award winning show on Cape Ann TV, “All Things Victorian” (I am looking forward to watching the upcoming Victorian baking episode!)

Lisa is another friend who we are going to be saying, “We knew her when!”

Please help a truly dynamic up and coming local business woman grow her business. Read more and click here to donate to Lisa’s Kickstarter campaign!

7b3654f66ec079ed4f756c0dde77118e_largeMouthwatering, all natural, praline gourmet nut blends.


Thank You!

moolongz thank you

I just want to thank all of you who backed my I See Moolongz Kickstarter campaign, and those who didn’t but came to the backer reward and book launch party on Saturday (some of you who I haven’t seen for years came all the way up from East Boston – go Eastie!). It was a great turnout for the book launch party and Spontaneous Collaboration exhibit, and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Thanks especially to Brenda Malloy who kept me organized during the book signing. Any of you who did not get to come to the party and pick up your rewards, they are on their way to you by mail. This is such an amazing community! Thank you all so much. Love, EJ


To the people who begrudge EJ From Pimping Her Book Here…

Please unsubscribe.

I’ve read your nasty comments.  Her Kickstarter has something like 11 more days for her to potentially be able to get her book financed.

If you can’t see how much she gives back to the community by posting artists openings, volunteering for the Rocky Neck Art Colony, hosting  Mug-Ups, ect, ect, ect then you’re just not paying enough attention.

She hits her daily time slot here on GMG 99 out of a 100 days and 95% of the posts she composes are to help promote other community organizations or bring some interesting bit of information to our readership that they might not already have known.

So if you are not interested in the Kickstarter campaign for her new book and simply can’t bring yourself to scroll past her post during the next 10 days of her Kickstarter Campaign without writing a nasty comment then lets just do everyone a favor and please unsubscribe yourself.

For all the labor of love energy we put into this thing called GMG we don’t need your negative energy mucking up the works.


This goes for Kim Smith’s movie night promotions, Felicia’s cookbooks and anything else that our contributors who strive to bring you great stuff every single day occasionally will pimp here on these pages.   335 posts a year trying to help others throughout the community, 30 posts trying to get her book financed and some people are that ignorant that they have to spew vitriol because they begrudge her of promoting her art.

Again, Unbelievable.

I See Moolongz

I see moolongz

I See Moolongz is an amazing new illustrated book for all ages about accessing our inner power that the universe just pushed into being, which I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get published.  Please check out my campaign, and the great Kickstarter video our Joey produced for it.  If you like the concept, please back it.  The Moolongz are waiting for everyone to say: “I See Moolongz”.  

E.J. Lefavour


Just Six Hours Left To Order Your Sista Felicia Cookbook Through Kickstarter! Also Marth Stewart’s Executive Food Director Lucinda Scala Quinn Back’s Sista Felicia’s Project!

If you haven’t ordered your Sista Felicia Cookbook through Kickstarter or got your tickets to the Gala Book Launch Party At Cruiseport There’s Just Hours Left To Do So!

Here’s the Link- http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/95596299/sista-felicias-sicilian-cookbook?ref=category


Also Check out Martha Stewart’s Executive Food Director Lucinda Scala Quinn who gave Sista Felicia her seal of approval –

August 8, 2013

Kickstarter Projects We’re Loving Right Now


Posted by Lucinda Scala Quinn



Hi Everyone,

I love hearing people’s stories of why food and cooking is important to them- whether it’s how they’re putting it on their own table, getting out there with a message to make the food system better, or teaching someone else your best recipes and tips.

When I began my publishing career, there wasn’t any crowd-sourcing help or a way to get the message out to tons of people to fund books. Truth be told, I self-published my first book before it was picked up and published years later! Luckily,  there are a ton of different ways to get the message out today, and I’ve found these two Kickstarter campaigns that I wanted to spread to all of you Mad Hungry-ers.

Sista Felicia’s Sicilian Cookbook

As a fellow Italian and for those of you that have watched my show, some of my best food memories are of cooking from my family’s Italian heritage. Those recipes are filled with warmth, comfort, history and flavor. Felicia is on an ambitious mission to share her family’s recipes and traditions through a series of 4 cookbooks that will embody her “commitment to ensure the past is not lost but is forever saved for future generations”.  Felicia has just a little more to go on her goal and has 10 days left.

Take a minute to watch their videos, read their blogs and Facebook pages, and if you feel empowered by Felicia, please donate!


Sista Felicia Publically Thanks her Kickstarter Backers…

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all for supporting my Kickstarter project. Because of your support, my first cookbook, Gifts of Gold In a Sicilian Kitchen with Sista Felicia Harvest will be available very soon. I truly appreciate your generosity and hope my recipes bring your family, friends and loved ones in to your kitchens to enjoy my Gifts of Gold. Hope to meet and celebrate with each of you at the Red Carpet Cookbook Gala at the Cruiseport Gloucester August 28, 2013Tickets are on sale now…3 days remaining to support Sista Felicia’s Kickstarter project, reserve your copies and Red Carpet Gala Tickets here



Donna Favazza, Virginia Smith,Catherine Orlando, Meg Sussman, David Kyrouz, Betty Mitchell, Michelle Philpott, Sonia Leigh Burdick, Grace & Tom Lattof, Karen Muniz, Pamela A. Orlando, Amanda, Sue Almeida, Alison Ciaramitaro, Betsy Smith, Bobbi Erwin, susan hunter, Zinnia, Joanne Frontiero, joan waterhousse, Shannon McPhee, Vickie & Peter Van Ness, Jan Bordinaro, Sandra Conley, Gregory Boccuti, Joe Morrissey, Christopher R. Daddato, lou, Christopher R. Daddato, julie cooper, Kevin Henry, kelly oconnor, Annette Ciaramitaro, Paula J Bertolino, Lucinda Seigel, joe orlando, DigitalWhitewater, Meredith Canaway, carl zerbo, Aaron Bourke, Nicole Duckworth, Josephine R. Curcuru, Michael Puscar, Carol McMahon, James Balestraci, bonnie mitchell, cathy, jane c nicholson, Leela Aniela Giannasi, agatha Valenti, J. Joyce Curcuru, Kathryn Goodick, Jerry Greely, Susan canning, Patricia Ciaramitaro, David Dorr, Richard D. Roderick, Norma E. Kitfield, Ann Marie Nehme, Melissa Joy Teixeira, Alicia Cox, Marcia DeFelice, Nancy Fi., Frank Ciolino, Joseph Warren, aurelia nelson, Meredith Manos, Deb McNeil, Catherine Webber, Ed and Jean Sawicki, Catherine Gunn, Margaret Lee, Alice Gardner, David Leveille, AnnMarie, Grace Pallazola, Elisa Mullen, David Pankiewicz, John W. Saputo,Grace Pallazola, Charleen Ellis McCarthy, JoeAnn Hart, Andy Doyle, joan kimberley, Winifred Diedrich, Sini Estlander, Jennifer Ciaramitaro, Todd DuPriest, Diana, Marie Shurina, Karen Burris, Kim Arntsen, Pam murray, Cindy Bass, Concetta Orlando, Marguerite Ryan, Janet L Johnson, Christopher Gray, Stephen Dubin, Suzanne Lafata,, Sharon Collins, Kerrie Donahue, Shelly Lane, Kim Arntsen, Joseph Marcantonio, Tanya Frost, Camellia El Antably, Kathleen Scalli Johnson, Virginia R. McKinnon, Karen McNally, Ruthie, Jeffrey Legendre, Valerie Marino, Gene McCartney, Linda McGuinness, Peter Greico, Nikki kaloust, Matt Parisi, Joanne Main Souza, kelly oconnor, Cosimo Marcantonio, Linda Devoe, Gary Hasselschwert, Marsha Mohan, Laura Thomas, Phyllis-Ann Morrissey, Alicia Pensarosa, Nancy Silva, Patricia M Howard, Rachel Kahan, Natalie Sweet, Karen Waystack, Robert Suizu, Joseph C Saia Jr, Carol Miller, Shirley Kahan, Nina Calomo Ciccariello, Maria Randazza, david a rosania, Debbie muniz, Gwen Stantial, Marcia Curcuru, Carolyn Souers, Angela Finnerty, Raina Morgan, Suzanne Roberts, Susan Slark, Carolyn Curcuru, Skip Montello, Bartosz Kiera, Sarah Wilkinson, Debbie Mahoney, Jeanne F. Smith, lucille militello, carl zerbo, Garth Greimann, Rosamond Smith, Nancy Hogan, Tim Mascara, Joyce Reardon, GERALDLINE GAIPO, Stori Cadigan, Rebecca, Jean Petruzzelli Lochiatto, Amy Orlando, Ann Kennedy, Marty Morgan, lucille militello, Nancy Sperry, Robert Ryan, Kay Ellis, Angela OConnor, Jean MacLachlan, Kathryn Connors Flaherty, Susanne Guyer, Grace & Tom Lattof, Jeanne Gavin, jean coffey, Martha Coleman, Lauren Day, Gail Guittarr, Beth Costanzo, Deanna M Ouderkerken, Mary Beth Stanton, Steve Alley, Linda Berard, Barbara Lane, Lowell Peabody, Anthony Valente, Bridgette Mathews, Cathy Hebert, Grace Ciaramitaro, Eleanor Curcuru, Paulf, Sharon St Clair, Corinne M. Hallett, Ella Lewis, Dianne Eason, patricia mastrorio, cath, Deborah Hysmith, Jonas Atterbring, joseph ciaramitaro, chuck cook, Grace Giambanco Numerosi, Bartosz Kiera, Liam King, SeanOo, Ed and Jody Dove, Deborah McComiskey, Mara Destino, Patricia Papows, Mara Destino, JENNIFER CULLEN, Angela Ciaramitaro, Melissa Abbott, Michele Tocco, Martha Geraghty, Patricia Ciaramitaro, Ed Collard, Gina Parisi Wingerter, Felicia Trupiano, Carol McMahon, Mary Pat Smilikis, Kim Smith, Karen Teague, Paul Morrison, Donna Ardizzoni, Kathy Low, joseph ciaramitaro

In Case You Didn’t Hear Sister Felicia’s Cookbook Kickstarter Project Went Live and Was Selected As A Staff Pick It The Food Category

Click here to check it out and reserve yours


Check out the video and reserve your copy today!!!

Huge help from so many FOB’s that I’m scared to death to try to compile a list for fear of missing someone but I’m sure Felicia will put together a nice thank you soon.

Dinner Dealer Founder Jessica brand writes-

I’ve yet to meet Felicia but I have to tell you that her kickstarter video was so heartwarming. I could listen to her talk for hours. They way she talks about Italians cooking for memory, I know exactly what she means. I only lived and worked in Italy for 6 months, a long time ago, but I experienced first hand what she was talking about. So incredible, I couldn’t resist sending you a note.

Buona fortuna!


Beautiful Message for Felicia From FOB Hannah Kimberley

In helping Felicia with her Kickstarter Program to raise money to publish her first cookbook, Good Morning Gloucester FOB Hannah Scialdone Kimberley sent the following release to the National Italian American Foundation ~

Hi, my name is Hannah Scialdone Kimberley, and I am a resident of Gloucester, MA. I grew up with my grandparents in Virginia, who inspired so much Italian American pride in our family. One of the greatest gifts my grandfather gave us was the publication of his 1987 cookbook, A Neapolitan Peasant’s Cookbook, which not only left us with a wonderful collection of recipes, but also educated others and us about what it means to come from Italian Heritage and live in America. What started as a gift to his family, my grandfather’s book gained local and national recognition. In fact, his book was selected as one of 17 books on the National Italian American Foundation’s reading list during a conference at the Smithsonian Institution on life in an Italian village.

My grandparents have passed on, but their traditions remain with me. I now live in Gloucester with my family, and I came across a story so similar to my grandfather’s, that I am compelled to bring it to your attention. A local woman in our town, Felicia Ciaramitaro, has written a cookbook that includes recipes passed down for generations. Like my grandfather, she met with her family members and learned their recipes – often stopping them half way through the cooking process to actually measure how much a relative’s “handful” amounted to so that she could record precise measurements for their previously unrecorded recipes. Without my grandfather, our family recipes and traditions would have been lost. I am betting the same goes for the Ciaramitaro family.

While I am not related to the Ciaramitaro family, I believe that Italian cultural preservation is more important now than it ever has been for the national Italian American Community. In the face of atrocious stereotypes created by programs such as “The Jersey Shore” and “Housewives of New Jersey,” it is up to us to keep our culture not only alive, but also maintain it in a positive public light. From her Kickstarter Page Sista Felicia’s Kitchen and her write-up in our local blog, Good Morning Gloucester, it seems that all Ms. Ciaramitaro needs is more publicity and support to keep yet another positive Italian American tradition alive for all of us.

I am asking that you highlight her story on your Facebook Page and/or website, so that your fans might know more about “a unique & colorful cookbook that will bring to life lost recipes & traditions from Ms. Ciaramitaro’s Sicilian kitchen to yours.” These recipes are Felicia Ciaramitaro’s “Gifts of Gold,” which she has written for us all.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration, and for all that you do for keeping Italian American culture and heritage alive and well in our country.

Best, Hannah Scialdone Kimberley

Gloucester, MA

BEAUTIFUL LETTER Hannah! Thank you for sharing!

Please if you are reading this, take Hannah’s advice and “highlight her story on your Facebook Page and/or website, so that your fans might know more about “a unique & colorful cookbook that will bring to life lost recipes & traditions from Ms. Ciaramitaro’s Sicilian kitchen to yours.” These recipes are Felicia Ciaramitaro’s  “Gifts of Gold,” which she has written for us all.”

Amanda, Felicia, Pat Ciaramitaro.

Amanda, Felicia, and Pat

Joey C Kickstarter Project Number One- GMG Vajazzling Studio Project

With the number of Kickstarter campaigns spiraling into the stratosphere I’ve decided to launch my own Kickstarter campaign for the very first dedicated Vajazzling Studio In Gloucester.


Let’s be honest, if Short and Main can raise $22K to pay for a Pizza Oven, my drumming up the dough for a Vajzzling Studio should be a no-brainer.

If Duckworth Bistrot can enter a contest for a new door, if EJ can pull off a Kickstarter for her Owl and The Pussycat book, if some crazy cat lady can get a felt costumes for kitty cats project funded, then there’s no way in hell we would fail in our quest to raise enough dough for a fancy local  Vajazzling studio.


It’s all the rage. Screw this lobster business crap.  Stinky bait, angry lobstermen, early morning start time and long hours vs Vajazzling coochies for a living.  Hmmm this is not a very difficult decision.

I’ll just need a back up man to take care of the not-so-attractive patrons.  Paulie Walnuts is looking for work.  Bingo!  Paulie Walnuts and me Vajazzling coochies all over the North Shore.

Help me make my Vajazzling dream a reality.  Look for my upcoming Gloucester based Vajazzling Kickstarter campaign which will be forthcoming.  I will offer many levels of pledges starting with base level backers and working our way up to more comprehensive “rewards” for more substantial backers. 

Short and Main offered a $100 option for-

Receive a signed copy of Food & Wine’s latest cookbook, “America’s Greatest New Cooks” featuring Nico and Amelia Monday. You’ll also receive a menu from opening night and a thank you video from Matt in his lobster suit.

Hell I’ll toss in a signed GMG DVD, a couple Homie Stickas and a video of me in a monkey suit singing the start spangled banner for a hundred bones.

Disclaimer: woman I live with and may or may not be related to through marriage will not be pledging.

If Jennifer Love Hewitt is all in for Vajazzling it’s good enough for me.

If this works out (and obviously it’s money in the bank) we’ll get Kim Smith in there to penizzle up dude’s man-parts.

We could take over the world Vajazzling and Penizzling women and men all over the North Shore.

Editor’s note:

Over/Under on the amount of time before we see a Kickstarter project for the Paint Factory project offering people the right to come in and paint or landscape the joint for a mere $100,000? 

I’m saying within six months and I’m taking the under.

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