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Toodeloos Kevin Safe and Sound

Kevin is back in front of Toodeloos enjoying his perpetual tea party. Rubber Duck was so happy to see him back she brought some of her friends by.


All of Kevin’s stuffing seems to be in the right place and except for a touch of lipstick on his collar none the worse for wear. Actually Kevin’s fur seems a little shinier than it was yesterday and when asked where he was all night he just grins.


Kevin aka ciabat Represents!

Kevin from New Jersey who joined the GMG Flickr group and contributes fantastic fishing industry photos from Point Pleasant New Jersey drove up to say “Hey” and attend the GFAA fundraiser at Lat 43 last night.  Kevin takes outstanding photos and loves the fishing industry and everything to do with it.   Here he is in the office.  It’s an honor to have him part of the GMG team.


Jason and Kevin With Rocky and Tina

Rats. No seriously- Rats.

This is what the kids have for pets nowadays? What, were they all out of spiders or snakes at the creepy pet store? Jason and Kevin were nice enough to do a couple of short interviews with me yesterday as I was on my way to our Block Party meeting.

In the middle of the second interview one of the rats pooped on his shoulder. I’m not kidding. I have pictures (but those are for later). I’m thinking the first time the rat pooped on my shoulder he’d be in an onion sack with a brick and heading straight overboard. I’m not big on rats though.

More pics and video later.