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More Pictures From The GMG Passports Rogue Burger Challenge

Last night I entered intense negotiations with the owners of a very popular establishment for the next challenge.  Details will be forthcoming but you can be assured that it is going to be wild and crazy.

Videos starting at 8AM with the conclusions of the GMG Passports Rogue Burger Challenge.


GMG Passports Rogue Burger Challenge, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Ed Collard at The Rogue Burger Challenge

It’s Gonna Be a Battle Royale!!!!!

Five half pound burgers and a side of your choice.  Larry, Kevin, Paul Morrison, Ed Collard.  Is there a man in the bunch that can take down the Rogue Burger?  We will find out tomorrow morning, Passports at 10AM!  Be There!!!!!  I took down The Rogue Burger T Shirt hangs in the balance.