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Kent Christman, Master Carpenter

Several weeks ago I visited my friend Kent at his wood working shop in Cambridge. You may recall that we featured his wife Lyda Kuth and her beautiful new film, Love and Other Anxieties, this past summer.

It was my lucky day because Kent had just completed a commission for this exquisite table and was setting it up to show his friend Norm Abram (This Old House). The table is both a dining table, when fully assembled, and a collection of stand alone side tables. I thought GMG readers would like to see not only snapshots of the table, but the way in which Kent documented the fabrication of the custom table–an exceptional example of both an instructional how-to and marketing tool for designers and builders. From the initial concept mock-up to the laser engraved labels, Kent beautifully photographed every step of the construction process in Link to Custom Table Fabrication Process.

Kent Christman

Passports Restaurant followed by Love and Other Anxieties at Cape Ann Community Cinema for a lovely night out!

Last night I met my friend Lyda and her associate produce Erin at Passports Resturant for a glass of wine and an appetizer before Lyda’s screening of Love and Other Anxieties. They both loved Eric’s popovers (who doesn’t?) and we were all stunned by the enormity of the crabcakes, which were simply perfect. Golden brown and a tiny bit crunchy on the outside, and within, very nearly all crabmeat, with just a very small amount of breading to hold the crabmeat together; served on a bed of fresh greens and roasted red bell peppers.

We then walked the two short blocks to the Cape Ann Community Cinema. Movie tickets included dinner. That struck me as a little odd and I didn’t quite understand how they could pull that off. Dinner is prepared by none other than neighboring Virgilios–a piping hot concoction of pasta, chicken, and broccoli in a creamy cheese sauce along with a lovely garden salad and ginormous chocolate cupcake. And Cape Ann Community Cinema recently acquired their liquor liscense. You can enjoy a glass of wine while dinning, sitting on a large comfy sofa, all while viewing the movie.

Kent, Lyda, Erin, and Rob

Lyda’s screening went beautifully and her movie played to a crowd of enthusiastic and engaged attendees. The audience stayed for about 45 minutes following the film for an informal talk with Lyda.  I think we all found the discussion highly informative and inspiring. Special thanks to Rob for hosting Love and Other Anxieties.

Erin and Lyda

Check out Cape Ann Community Cinema’s summer long schedule–what a fabulous events venue Rob has going here. By the way–any leftover dinner goes straight to our local shelter.