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One couldn’t help but be inspired by the good words and deeds of our city’s finest leaders at today’s inauguration ceremony. Cape Ann Museum director Rhonda Faloon gave a warm welcome followed by Gordon Baird’s pitch perfect rendition of “God Bless America.” Young community members were represented by the GHS Docksiders, the Presentation of Colors by GHS Junior ROTC, and the Mayor’s grandchildren and niece AJ, Bianca, and Lia led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. Alexandra Grace sang a beautiful rendition of the “National Anthem.”

Rabbi Steven Lewis and Reverend Rona Tyndall gave an interfaith invocation. Alexandra Grace and Josh Cominelli sang James Taylor’s “You’ve Got a Friend,” because, as Alexandra pointed out, Mayor Sefatia is a friend to all.

Poet Laureate John Ronan read his Gloucester-themed poem “We, Helmsman.”

PAARI/ Stop Handgun Violence Founder John Rosenthal gave a tremendous speech, congratulating the Mayor and the community on the success of the Angel program.

Senator Bruce Tarr gave a moving introduction highlighting the very personable ways in which Mayor Sefatia brings the community together.
Musical interludes performed by Charlee Bianchini, Jack Tomaiolo, Fly Amero and Allen Estes were performed in between swearing in ceremonies.

School Committee members Kathleen Clancy, Tony Gross, Jonathan Pope, Michelle Sweet, and Melissa Teixeira took the oath of office. Jonathan Pope was elected head of the School Committee.

We have a fantastic newly elected City Council comprised of Melissa Cox, Valerie Gilman, Ken Hecht, Steve LeBlanc, Jenn Holmgren, Paul Lundberg, Scott Memhard, Sean Nolan, and Jamie O’Hara.  Paul Lundberg was elected president of the City Council, with Steven LeBlanc elected vice-president. We are going to see great leadership and initiatives from this fine group!

Your new City Council President and Vice President Paul Lundberg and Steven LeBlanc.

Mayor Sefatia gave an inspiring address, touching on a wide range of subjects, ranging from the tremendous ability of our community to work together to new initiatives and plans to help prepare our coastal community for global climate change. Congratulations and best wishes for a successful 2018 to all our city officials!

Gloucestercast 243 With Ken Hecht, Karen Ristuben, Ken Hecht, James Caviston, Chuck Haybeck, Karen Pischke, Kim Smith, Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/24/17

Gloucestercast 243 With Ken Hecht, Karen Ristuben, Ken Hecht, James Caviston, Chuck Haybeck, Karen Pischke, Kim Smith, Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/24/17



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Topics Include:

Ken Hecht Running For City Council. Why?

Cape Ann Plein Air Facebook Page

FEATHER & WEDGE · SUNDAY BRUNCH- Make your own Bloody Mary Bar


Mural On Parsons St



Solo Italiano In Portland Chef Paolo Laboa Video Tour From Karen Pischke

MARS Manship Artist Residency and Studio raised $650,000 to purchase the Manship Estate- Starfield

Toad Hall Closing October 1st

Backyard Growers Grow Down Tuesday At Short and Main Fried Chicken Thursdays

Aria McElhenny is a monster grant writer.

Dan Allen- Peace Love and Honey

Monarch Migration Heating Up

Kestral Naturalist Meet-Up

Kim Smith Is Now An Essex Heritage Commissioner




GloucesterCast With Guest Ken Hecht and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 3/22/14


GloucesterCast With Guest Ken Hecht and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 3/22/14

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Topics Include: Moving From A Bedroom Community To Gloucester, Investing In Gloucester, The Decision To Purchase And Redevelop Gloucester Safe Deposit Trust Co On The Corner Of Duncan and Main Street, Trident Gallery and Matthew Swift, Blue River Diamonds, Paying Homage To The History Of The Building, Working With City Of Gloucester Building Departments, The Professionalism of Local Building Inspectors, Steve Noble, Chris Palazolla, Why It Makes Sense To Hire Local Contractors, Charlie Mahoney, Joe Guzzo, Bill Sandborn, Passports Popovers, Alchemy Duck Poutinne, Minglewood Tavern, Stones Pub, Gloucester’s Renaissance, Rockport Downtown Association Coming Along, Ken’s Coffee, The Social Aspect Of Local Coffee Shops, Ken’s Theory On Why Gloucester’s Community Is So Close


Video- Redevelopment On Main Street- Ken Hecht Shows 191 Main Street First Floor Progress

Video- 191 Main Street Gloucester Renovation- Second Floor Apartments With Patty Hecht

191 Main Street Redevelopment With Ken Hecht Part III

Trident Gallery Under Construction At 189 Main St- A Video Conversation With Dr Matthew Swift

Video- Redevelopment On Main Street- Ken Hecht Shows 191 Main Street First Floor Progress

This space for lease.  Watch the video to get an idea of how great a space this is.  13 Huge windows gorgeous original moldings, just a fantastic space in a beautiful building in the heart of downtown Gloucester.



Trident Gallery Under Construction At 189 Main St- A Video Conversation With Dr Matthew Swift

Part 1 In a Four Part Series Of 191 Main Street Redevelopment

From The Trident Gallery Website

Trident Gallery mounts regular exhibitions and maintains an inventory of art with a Cape Ann story — works of art having a meaningful connection to Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

Meaningful connections to Cape Ann are diverse in kind: some works depict or transform scenes of the region; other works are profoundly rooted in the artist’s experiences of Cape Ann’s towns, landscapes, and sea horizons, and its vibrant matrix of interwoven communities.

Following this program, Trident Gallery shows original and limited-edition works art in all media, concentrating on paintings, works on paper, and photography. Gallery artists are both emerging and established, and most of them are living today and making their art on Cape Ann. A diversity of artistic styles — representational and abstract, traditional and contemporary — reflects the diversity of the artistic practices on Cape Ann. Gallery inventory reflects the full diversity of the art of Cape Ann; gallery exhibitions emphasize contemporary art.

Owner and Gallery Director Dr. Matthew Swift draws on academic expertise, four decades of personal knowledge of Cape Ann, and four generations of family involvement with Cape Ann art to illuminate the connection of each work of art in the gallery to Cape Ann and show its place in the region’s history, helping patrons take fuller delight in the art.

Trident Gallery also curates nationwide for avant garde art, reaching beyond its usual boundaries to bring challenging and invigorating new work into public view on Cape Ann and foster the participation of the region in the ongoing global conversation of art with life.

Trident Gallery is connected, intelligent, and progressive. It employs cutting edge processes and technologies to serve its artists, patrons, and the public. The art world is changing, Cape Ann is changing, and Trident Gallery is at the fore.