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Video- Back Shore Waves Gloucester MA 04/24/12

Right toward the end a rogue wave came and I snatched my camera and tripod just before it would have been completely submerged by the wave.

See the black silhouette in the left hand frame of the video?  That’s my buddy Steve Hollinger, the genius inventor who created the Kayalu n clamp and RAM mount’s that I use to stabilize my video camera when we are going to be out in salty conditions.


Steve took this picture of me as I was scouting the scene to video tape-


Video- The Crew Of The Degelyse Sets Out To Catch Liberated Buddhist Lobsters

To Make clear the following is only satire and I’ll take responsibility for people not from around the waterfront misunderstanding
I was wrong to assume that because I predominantly write our hyperlocal blog for our Cape Ann residents that people would understand how preposterous the notion that you could have time to move all the lobster gear even if they knew where the lobsters were released and to set it and for those lobsters which were probably miles away from that location would ever get caught.

I was obviously wrong and people did not understand with the outlandishness of it all that it was a joke.

It’s on me.

What I am happy for is that the releasing of the lobster story which would have been a simple story largely forgotten by now has gotten huge legs and all the positives of Buddhism are highlighted. For that I am grateful.

For those of you who would like to learn more about Chokhor Duchen click to find out.

You know the craziest part? So many people think I’m hatin on Buddhism, but I download a Buddhhism podcast from this guy that Lindsay Crouse recommended that I listen to- Lama Marut.
Check him out, the guy makes a lot of sense.
also sign up for the upcoming Summer Retreat, here are our interviews talking about the upcoming 2011 Summer Retreat-

For More Info-
For more info-


Receiving the coordinates of where the lobsters were released by Buddhist monks, the boys went out yesterday and hauled the lobster traps they set all over that ocean bottom and caught exactly 534 lobsters, the precise number the monks released.

The story from Reuters here

We used the Kayalu saltwater safe RAM camera mount to secure the Kodak Zx3 Saltwater proof camera to the aft window of the wheelhouse to record this.

It’s A Tough Job But Somebody’s Gotta Feed The World

GMG Gear Preview- KAYALU RAM Marine Grade Gear Locking Suction Camera Mount

Ed and I preview the Kayalu RAM camera mount before putting it to the saltwater test, using it to film The Blackburn Challenge.

I recently bought a Kodak zx-3  Playsport waterproof video camera.  It was the camera that GMG contributor Adam Bolonsky used to tape this year’s Greasy Pole.  When I found out that the camera was only $77 it was an absolute no-brainer.

Last week I used it to film my ride to Gloucester in this video-

As you can see in the video there is a decent amount of camera shake with it being hand held.  I couldn’t use my Manfrotto Modopocket because that is made to sit on a flat surface.

So then I got to thinking about how much cool footage I could get if I outfitted one of my lobstermen with a saltwater resistant type camera and mount and I began my search.  With some advice from Adam Bolonsky I discovered the Kayalu RAM suction mount which uses heavy duty marine grade materials throughout.  A simple mount made from ordinary metal would be useless after it’s first use hitting saltwater.

We plan to use the Kaylau RAM saltwater camera mount with an 8 inch toughbar extension and the Kodak Playsport zx-3 to capture some footage attached to Ed’s Kayak for the Blackburn’s Challenge.

Here are some pictures-

I’m looking forward to seeing how it holds up. Look for our review post race. In teh meanwhile check out our preview here-

I put it on my Joey’s Approved Products page if you want to order one from Massachusetts based Kayalu