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Cape Ann YMCA 2nd Annual Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Pics

On Saturday August 14th, the Cape Ann YMCA hosted it’s 2nd Annual Ultimate Frisbee Tournament at Magnolia woods. Teams from around the North Shore came for a beautiful day of competitive Frisbee. The finals were between defending champions Community Church of East Gloucester and the Gibbering Wombats.  The Gibbering Wombats, were a group of individuals who had never met but were joined as one team.

Final Score in the Championship game- CCEG-12 Wombats 15.

2010 Championship Ultimate Frisbee Team-  Kate Caldwell, Sten Nilsson, Jake Moss, Nick Munn, Joey Kabulo, Dan Albright, Ben Pfistner.

[Katy says…]

Sten Nilsson reaches for the disc as deffender Pat Keeley comes in to deffend.

Tim Bushfield ices his hand after a diving catch in the end zone.

Nick Munn calls out the stalls as Mike Jones looks for pass oppertunity

Katy Milne | Youth & Sports Director
Cape Ann YMCA

Learn to Crochet with Leslie Wind!

Learn to Crochet with Leslie Wind!

Basic Crochet with Not So Basic Results
Using the simplest of crochet stitches and odds and ends of yarn it is possible to
see results worthy of gift giving in an evening!

Come Join Local Artist Leslie Wind as she will run a 2 hour workshop for all levels of crochet.

Instructor: Leslie Wind

March 31st


Ages 16 & Up

Fee: Member $15

Community: $22

Pre Registration is recommended

Katy Milne | Youth & Sports Director
Cape Ann YMCA

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