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Inside Big Mike’s Bikes -Pure Bike Awesomeness!

Big Mike’s Bikes at 57 Washington Street In Between Sclafani’s and Tacos Lupita and sort of diagonal from Sebastian’s. Four awesome totally Gloucester businesses in a cluster, gotta consider that a new power alley, no?
Don’t Forget Kid’s Bike Safety Day Where Every Kid Walks Away a Winner May 4th at O’Maley.  Kathleen Gives the Deets In The Video


Back at The MAC stories

Week two back at the Manchester Athletic Club.  Starting to get my rhythm back and a little more flexibility in my muscles.  The place has really grown with the number of different programs they have.  It’s like a beehive of activity of people all there to get their work-out on.  Much busier now than when I used to go a decade ago.

Kathleen here talks about aging better, something I never really thought about til I turned 40 but now realize how crucial it is as my metabolism slows down.  Basically when you get to be 40 you’re at a crossroad.  You can take action or you can let yourself turn to shit.