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International Dory Racing – ELIMINATION RACES

ELIMINATION RACES of the International Dory Racing held on Niles Beach Saturday, August 6th 2016

Woman, Mixed, Men’s over 50, Two heats of the Men’s Race.  Photos by Katherine Richmond

Katherine Richmond’s Photos

Rob 1

Captain Mark Ring on the Stanley Thomas off the shores of Gloucester

Rob 2

With the winds steady and strong, this young seagull took a rest and kept a look out. 

Rob 3

A very large wave breaking off the rocky shores of Gloucester.

Rob 4

A funky sloppy wave breaks off the shores of Gloucester.


Submitted by Al Bezanson


Sighted at the Corinthian Classic Yacht Regatta #PANERAI off of Marblehead August 8th. #FREEBRADY #SCHOONERGREENDRAGON


There were thumbs-ups galore from the participants. Here’s the reaction of Allesandro Pagani and his crew in NINA during a close encounter in the race. 


Katherine Richmond gave us a quickie professional lettering job with the house paint at the Gloucester marine Railways an hour before launch last Friday.


The Green Dragon Tavern was the meeting place of the Sons of Liberty. On the night of the Boston Tea  Party it was mysteriously empty. 

“The truth shall set him free schooner or later!

-Al Bezanson

Schooner Adventure

Katherine Richmond submits-

Hi Joey, Here’s a couple of picks of my little dog Greta ( long haired mini dachshund 8 lbs and 12 years old) I’m a local painting contractor who has decided to volunteer my painting skills to the Schooner Adventure. From time to time Greta comes with me to the Adventure. On this sunny hot day she sought out shelter from the sun in a space on the bow near to me while I painted. She enjoyed the view of the harbor out the hawser hole and fit in it standing up. I took these shots with my iPhone. I thought people would enjoy seeing the unique photos of Greta. In addition FYI the crew of the Amsted is helping the crew of the Adventure get her all rigged up. The sails will be up in a couple of days and will go for a Test sail this week possibly! The rigging is a big event. There is a guy named mike who has been volunteering for 14 years! He would be a good interview. Bill Holmes is in charge and a good contact for the goings on in the next few days of rare events of rigging a schooner.
Thanks best regards
Katherine Richmond

photo 1photo 2

GMG- Da Sticka Represents At Fenway!!!!

padraiginineill’s submits these photos to the GMG Flickr Group!  While painting Fenway a few perfectly placed Homie stickers make it just right IMO!  Thanks for the contribution! 

We still have stickers left if you are going to be somewhere cool either swing down the dock for one or send in a self stamped and addressed envelope and I’ll get one out to you- Free!

DSC_4446, originally uploaded by padraiginineill.

Love It!

Katherine Richmond Represents At Fenway!

Katherine Richmond Represents At Fenway!

Katherine Richmond Pressure Washes The Race Dories As Damon Cumming Supervises

Katherine Richmond Pressure Washes The Race Dories As Damon Cumming Supervises

Katherine Richmond Pressure Washes The Race Dories As Damon Cumming Supervises

Katherine Richmond Pressure Washes The Race Dories Before Winter Storage

Katherine Richmond Pressure Washes The Race Dories Before Winter Storage

Jimmy T and Joey Ciolino Take The Race Dories Across The Harbor To Take them Out For The Winter

Every year the race dories get taken out of the water and stored in a tent up on Pond Road.  They need to be rowed across from Saint Peter’s Park, put on trailers, and then brought up to Pond Road where they will be pressure washed and put away til the spring.

Here are a couple of videos that FOB Frank Ciolino took of the day-

Listen for Frank’s Evil Laugh. Mwah Ha Ha!

Things To Do- Watch The Dory Race Elimination Races Saturday

Saturday, 8:30 a.m., Niles Beach – The Elimination Races will be held to determine who will represent the US vs. Canada on June 20th.

If you’ve been watching the GMG coverage of the International Dory Races and the building of the dories at Geno Mondello’s shop, if you want to buy some raffle tickets for the handline dory, if you want to share part in a great Gloucester tradition-

Head on down to Niles beach tomorrow morning for the elimination races.

It’s a great thing to take the family to and you can register to become part of the action, you can buy t shirts, get row hard or row home bumper stickers.

Here’s the scenario- you pack the kids in the car, go to Last Stop Variety, grab a cup of coffee and one of their incredible muffins (blueberry and morning glory are awesome) and then go to Niles to catch the action.

Click this text to see some previous posts with pictures of the action

Pete Mondello Hard At Work While Katherine Richmond Paints The Handline Dory At Geno’s Dory Shop

Here we see Pete cozied up to the wood stove while Katherine applies another coat to the inside of the Handline Dory which will be raffled off to support the International Dory Races.

Katherine Richmond Painting The Handline Dory For The Raffle

The Handline Dory That The International Dory Racing will be raffling off is being painted here by Katherine Richmond. Of course the dory is being painted Dory Buff, the traditional dory color.  If you don’t have your raffle tickets yet click this text to find out where how to win Tickets are only $5

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