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2015 Rocky Neck Polar Plunge

2015 Rocky Neck PlungeSarah Grow for the Open Door Food Pantry

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge ©Kim Smith 2015With below average temperature and wicked wind, the 2015 Rocky Neck Polar Plunge Open Door Food Pantry Fundraiser was a plunge to remember. Dru, pictured above and below, reports that it wasn’t too bad running towards, or even diving in. The worst was running back to the beach against the bitter biting blast that had picked up during the event, and the fact that he couldn’t feel his feet!

Hats Off and Congratulations to All You Brave Polar-Plunging Souls!

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge  Dru Anne Malveaux©Kim Smith 2015

Dru and Anne Malvaux

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge -3©Kim Smith 2015

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge -2 ©Kim Smith 2015

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Emma Duckworht ©Kim Smith 2015Emma Duckworth

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Meadow Michelle Anderson ©Kim Smith 2015Michelle and Meadow Getting Ready to Plunge

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Emma Nicole Jude Duckworth ©Kim Smith 2015Emma, Nicole, and Jude

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Michelle, Chris, Atticus, Meadow ©Kim Smith 2015Michelle, Chris, Atticus, and Meadow

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Donna Ardizonni Pete Lovasco ©Kim Smith 2015Donna and Pete

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Nicole Jude Emma Ben ©Kim Smith 2015Emma, Nicole, Ben, Jude, and David Calvo

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Nicole aand Jude©Kim Smith 2015Nicole and Jude

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Catherine Paul McGeary Karen Ristuben©Kim Smith 2015Karen Ristuben and Catherine and Paul McGeary back at the Cultural Center for hot cocoa and cookies.

charting the paths for plastic soup patches of our oceans

Catherine Ryan submits

Hi Joey,

It’s not beach balls and rubber duckies. Great time lapse visualizations of how garbage moves around our oceans to the 6 largest patches (they used surface drifter buoys with GPS sensors).

“What we found is patches are international problem…It’s not that plastic from one country ends up in one particular patch; quite the contrary, all of the plastic ends up in all the patches and all are interconnected in a way we didn’t know before”. One big evolve take away: invent plastic that disintegrates. Less intimidating do it yourself adjustments: easy stuff at home here http://www.plasticfreeguide.com/




More garbage patch info and docs worth a look: Look for this artful, full on feeling, elegiac nature doc from photographer Chris Jordan  http://www.midwayfilm.com/index.html image004


Or Angela Sun’s (still in progress) chatty, more entertainment tonight-like still unflinching delivery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pRy88R-4BI




In Gloucester all things eco green visit Maritime Gloucester and Oceans Alliance for their efforts, and the Farmer’s Market. Tons of GMG contributors and other local media. Plenty of volunteer clean up orgs. And see local artists’ work such as Karen Ristuben’s art (9 videos are here http://vimeo.com/user2947114/videos including:

Trash Calendar

Deposition of the Ocean as Witness

North Pacific Gyre Voyage

In Gloucester all things eco green visit Maritime Gloucester and Oceans Alliance for their efforts, and the Farmer’s Market. And see local artists’ work such as Karen Ristuben’s art (9 videos are here http://vimeo.com/user2947114/videos )


Look right here, too, GMG is stewardship—business, arts, nature, beauty, community! See Joey’s photography and posts: it’s not just Good Morning Gloucester, but Wake UP Gloucester! Look at the wide range of MA Green stories from lobsters to rosa rugosa https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/the-rosa-rugosa-is-starting-o-come-alive/ to solar powered lobster pot haul https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2013/07/20/video-next-generation-lobstermen-brett-and-jake-donovan-and-their-solar-powered-lobster-pot-hauler/. Then go right down the GMG mast head.

Kim Smith’s naturalist take whether how NOT to approach a seal or the indelible imprint on all butterfly musings evermore https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/wow-and-wondeful-150-milkweed-plants-ordered/

EJ’s sensitivity to our surroundings is there often—and she spreads awareness, most recently her OA posts –Jane Goodall! https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/ocean-alliance-and-jane-goodall/

Donna’s photography, too, and volunteer dedication  https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/what-community-is-all-about-burnhams-field-clean-up/, https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2011/06/10/one-hour-at-a-time-gang-city-clean-up-saturday/
And Fred, Marty, Kathy, Felicia, I mean ALL GMG. Reverent.

JoeAnn Hart’s Book Launch Party at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center

JoeAnn Hart Float party ©Kim Smith 2013

JoeAnn Hart’s book release party at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center was a whopping success. So many congratulations JoeAnn!!!  There are few things more monumental than publishing a book with a publishing house, especially in light of the ease in which books are self-published today. I purchased my copy of Float Friday night and haven’t put it down.  See GMG tomorrow for an excerpt from Float.

JoeAnn Hart Float party -1 ©Kim Smith 2013

JoeAnn Hart Karen Ristuben Float party ©Kim Smith 2013

Cover Artist Karen Ristuben and Author JoeAnn Hart

JoeAnn Hart Jen Fahey Christie Powell Float party ©Kim Smith 2013JPG

Jen Fahey, Christie Powell, JoeAnn Hart

Tom Hauck Lois Philip Budrose JoeAnn Hart Float party ©Kim Smith 2013

Tom Hauck, Lois and Philip Budrose

Greg bover JoeAnn Hart Float party ©Kim Smith 2013

Greg Bover

JoeAnn Hart Karen Ristuben-2 Float party ©Kim Smith 2013

Karen Ristuben

Visit JoeAnn’s website to purchase your copy of Float.

“Much Needed Medicine” – First 2012-13 Berklee in Gloucester review by Karen Ristuben

Local artist, musician and President of Rocky Neck Art Colony, Karen Ristuben attended the Berklee in Gloucester show at The Gloucester House on Thursday (10/25).  Here’s what she had to say about it:

Jazz as much needed medicine, my table-mates and I agreed.  On Thursday Oct. 25, The Jim Odgren Quintet energized the Gloucester House with two fabulous jazz sets.  On smoking alto sax, Odgren led the band through a tasty array of be-bop, ballads and straight-aheads from Evans to Coltrane.  Young guitarist Lucian Gray defied finger speed records as he sailed over the fret-board  relaxed, cross-legged, confident, superb.  On keys, Davis Whitfields’ understated, elegant renderings and his composed countenance belied his young age.  And rhythm section, student Roberto Giaquinto on drums and Berklee professor and bassist Dave Santoro were unflappable and inspired.

It was an evening all too rare in Gloucester these days, with the Latitude 43 jazz nights gone and no other Cape Ann jazz venue in sight apart from the Franklin Cape Ann’s excellent regulars.

This Berklee series, a worthy benefit for young Gloucester music students, gives us great players, a listening room where you can actually listen, and the welcome chance to get inside the healing relief of live  jazz.

NOTE: After the storm we’ll announce the next show.  You won’t want to miss it.  There’s some cool Halloween entertainment happening this week.  Check out the live music schedule for Gloucester and Cape Ann here.

HAT Party Pics From Karen Ristuben

Karen Ristuben submits-

Hi Joey,
A few pics from our HAT Gala last Friday Aug.17 at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck…what a place we live in, what an amazing community project we’re building, and what a blast we had!!  Thank to so many friends, neighbors, and newcomers who came to celebrate Gloucester’s Rocky Neck Cultural District designation and generously contributed to the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck Building Fund.  Thanks to all, and stay tuned as this community-wide project takes flight!!  Check out the Calendar at www.rockyneckartcolony.org and sign up for our weekly newsletter to keep up with The Center’s events..
Best to you,

Karen Ristuben Presenting Monday March 5th at Endicott

imageKaren Ristuben Writes-

Hello all,
Just a note to tell you that I’ll be presenting "Just, one word…" at Endicott College’s Rose Performance Center on
Monday, March 5, 7:30 pm.  This presentation is being co-sponsored by Salem Sound Coastwatch (http://www.salemsound.org) and The Environmental Society of Endicott College.
Please come, and spread the word about this event: a multimedia performance/lecture on the issue of marine plastic pollution, plastics toxicity and public health viewed through the lenses of marine science, economics, politics, and public policy.  Hope to see you there!!
Directions:  (http://www.endicott.edu/Academics/ArtDesign-Academics/CenterForTheArtsDirections.aspx)
Karen Ristuben

presentation pic

Cynthia Capone Photo

The Center at Rocky Neck COMMUNITY-WIDE MEETING Wednesday Nov. 16, 7 pm


Karen Ristuben writes-

Hello friends and supporters of The Center at Rocky Neck (our new working title for the former Christian Science Church):
This is a friendly reminder that we will meet at The Center next Wednesday, November 16, at 7 pm.
  Since our first community-wide meeting on September 15:
* the Rocky Neck Art Colony voted 55-3 to move forward with next steps toward the building’s purchase, specifically, to conduct a Feasibility Study (est. $10,000) and to pay for the option to purchase the building ($1,000/month for the 2012 calendar year).  We are in the process of our initial fundraising drive to collect donations toward those efforts.  A convenient Paypal system is now in place at www.rockyneckartcolony.org
* Jay Paget, the lead administrator for the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Cultural Facilities Grant visited the building and offered support and  encouragement through our application process in the upcoming 2012 funding cycle.
* Mayor Kirk conducted her State of the City address at The Center last weekend (photo attached) and again offered her support for the building project, indicating that Community Preservation funding may be available.
* At her fundraiser luncheon yesterday, Rep. Ann Margaret Ferrante enthusiastically discussed the building project as a beacon of cultural economic development for East Gloucester.
* Necessary building improvements are underway by present owners Steve and Kathy Archer.
At Wednesday’s meeting, we’ll discuss:
1.  planning and development to date;
2.  The Center’s mission and vision;
3.  the role of the RNAC and the broader community in The Center’s programming;
4.  The Center’s governance and management.
If you have any concerns or questions before the meeting, please feel free to call me or contact any of the other officers of RNAC. 
PLEASE come and show your support – we hope to see you there!
Karen Ristuben
Rocky Neck Art Colony

Karen Ristuben "Beneath the Blue" Installation/Presentation September 3 At The White Ellery House


Hello all,
Wanted to let you know that I’m doing an installation and presentation at Cape Ann Museum’s White Ellery House on Sat. Sept. 3, from 11-3 pm.  I’ll be presenting my 45-minute performance/lecture at 11:30 and 1:30 called "Just, one word…"
The project deals generally with our use, over-use, and disposal of plastics, and their toxicity and effect on our public health.  The presentation specifically highlights the issue of marine plastic pollution and its impact on ocean ecosystems including the marine food chain.  The project is based on a whole lot of research I’ve done in the past year or so, including my voyage last month across the North Pacific with leading marine scientists who study the issue of marine plastic pollution.
Addressing this issue as an artist, I’m offering a different kind of communication of the hard scientific data that is currently on the minds of many marine scientists, toxicologists, epidemiologists, and policy-makers.  I hope you will join me at the White Ellery House on September 3! 

Voting Begins for The GIMMESOUND.COM GiveBack Live Music Series

From Vickie Van Ness-

Time to Vote!

For Fans Choice
For the GIMMESOUND.COM GiveBack Live Music Series

You can vote for your favorite artist NOW!
Save these dates: September 30, 2009 at T.T. the Bear’s Place in Cambridge, MA and October 7, 2009 at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. Details & sample tracks from our featured performers here.
Just to bring anyone up to speed- on GIMMESOUND.COM you can download any of these artists songs which are hosted at the site for free and they will get paid through advertisements.  It’s a win for the artist, a win for the consumer(you) and their music gets heard by a wider audience.  Good Stuff!

GimmeSound- Free Legal Music Downloads Video

Fellow Block Party organizer and super duper good egg Vickie Van Ness explains the way Gimme Sound works.  This is pretty freaking bad ass.  It’s this simple- you go to the site- http://www.gimmesound.com/ and you download music for free.  No gimmicks – no special software to download that’s gonna mess up your computer, just great free music.  The bands that have their music listed on the site get paid by Gimme Sound through ad revenue.

It’s totally legal, totally free and there are great local musicians listed on there such as Dan King, Allen Estes, Henri Smith, Karen Ristuben and Will Hunt.  There are many other nationally recognized musicians too.  What are you waiting for get some free music!!!!!!!