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Yesterday at the 178th GMG podcast, we had the pleasure to meet Dennis Funk, GMG contributor Karen Pischke’s cousin from South Carolina. I believe Dennis said that this his third time running the Boston Marathon, and of all the marathons he runs, Boston is his favorite!

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GloucesterCast 178 w/@kimsmithdesigns @donnaard Karen Pischke Charles and George King, Dennis Funk and Host @Joey_C


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GloucesterCast 178 w/@kimsmithdesigns @donnaard Karen Pischke Charles and George King, Dennis Funk and Host @Joey_C

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Karen Pischke Is Signed Up For Her Cape Ann License Plate


For Information On How To Get Your Cape Ann License Plate-



LICENSE PLATE APPLICATION (pdf) DOWNLOAD > Print, Fill Out, Mail Back to the Chamber

Proceeds from the license plate will be used to benefit promotion, economic development and education initiatives for Cape Ann and the Cape Ann communities of Essex, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Rockport.

After an extensive design submission and voting process, the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the winning design for the Cape Ann License plate. The winning design was chosen after nearly 2,000 votes were received from the Cape Ann community through online and ballot voting. The design was created by local Rockport artist, Annalei Babson, from Coveside Designs.
Download the Cape Ann License Plate Application or fill out the online form below to reserve your application:

Cape Ann License Plate Online Application

Show your love and support of Cape Ann by proudly driving this beautiful and symbolic license plate!

Cardiologist Mario Motta’s Planetary Telescope From Karen Pischke

Hi Joey.

I LOVE E.J’s. art featured in today’s (2/18) blog! FANTASTIC piece E.J.! Cape Ann is especially GREAT for celestial viewing and one of the many things I LOVE about Cape Ann. Cardiologist Mario Motta M.D. chose Cape Ann as the site for his planetary telescope! (See- http://www.boston.com/news/local/articles/2008/01/31/eyes_on_the_skies/.) This month has been especially beautiful, with many bright planets visible with the naked eye. I hear Mercury will be most visible starting Feb 20 – beginning of March.


Imagine that?  That’s a serious telescope, right here in G-Town!

What to do on a rainy Sunday in Gloucester?? A Walk in Ravenswood!

Karen Pischke writes-

Hope you enjoy!

What to do on a rainy Sunday in Gloucester?? A Walk in Ravenswood! Last Sunday was rainy and grey, making the woods in Ravenswood even more magical!

Candace White of the Trustees of Reservations was a wealth of knowledge, taking us back in time pointing out old cellar holes, stone walls, the story of ‘the hermit’ of the woods. Candace related the history of Gloucester Harbor and its transition from a farming community to a fishing community. Old stone walls marking homesteads, each allowed to cut 20 cord of wood to heat their home for the winter. You could almost smell the fires burning in the hearths and hear the sound of horses trotting, wheels rolling as carriages carried folks in their Sunday finest along the stately paths.

Senses were aroused by the smell of damp leaves, bark, and pine. A kaleidoscope of shades of green with moss, fern, and stands of oak. Mountain laurel in bloom, chickadee singing and bubbling brooks lent to a sense of a ‘walking meditation.’ Lady slippers reminded many of their childhood, it was a most memorable walk and FUN for the whole family! The Nature Center had the start of the trail is a great place to visit. And even GMG was there to represent! No matter the weather, there’s always something fun to do in Glosta!

Best,    Karen http://www.dreamtimewellness.com/

Ravenswood Trail Sign

Karen Pischke photos

Karen Pischke Poem

Hello Joey.

Yesterday’s storm inspired this poem that I ‘awoke with’ today.

As they say- ‘any port in a storm!’ And I am happy our port is Gloucester.

Peace,     Karen

Snow swirling, twirling to the ground,
falling gently, without sound.
Single flakes lying one on top another,
Softly blanketing the ground they smother.
Snow falling through the night,
color turns to shades of grey and white.
As life is slowed and empty fills the streets,
I enjoy the quiet and the peace.
The cardinal calls with its familiar tune,
bright red against the white snow dune.
Birds and squirrels seeking refuge,
able to go where we refuse to.
Hunkering together, staying warm,
safe and protected in the storm.
The storm bringing neighbors together,
masks removed in stormy weather.
Seeking refuge in humanity,
temporarily fleeing the insanity,
of a world gone crazy,
its peace mission seeming hazy.
But suddenly the storm may end,
with strangers fast becoming friends,
having survived the storms together,
resilient in the midst of harsh weather.
Birds singing once again with delight,
as against a brilliant blue sky they take flight.
Hope and Sun shine anew, reflecting on the fallen snow,
And in this moment, Peace may be all we know.
~ Karen Pischke 02/02/2011
Gloucester, MA


“Winter Island”- the View from Karen Pischke’s ‘Meditation Rock’

Karen Pischke writes-

“Winter Island”- the View from my ‘Meditation Rock’

Sitting on the edge of the Annisquam River, you can sit and meditate or watch the boats go by.

(John Nesta has a painting of this scene.)

Karen Pischke   www.dreamtimewellness.com

X-country skiing at Seine Field

Karen Pischke writes-

Hi Joey.

Thanks Joey for more great photos and events in Gloucester! 

I was sorry to have missed Jenny Dee! Can’t wait to catch them. Loving the artwork on GMG! Thanks to you I got in my vote in for SeaArts.

Here are some ideas for those wondering what to do this snowy winter. For once we don’t have to drive hours to ME or NH to x-country in great conditions!

X-Country at Seine Field.

Throughout most of the 20th century, landowners allowed seine fisherman to repair and dry their large fishing nets on this field, which gave this property its name. Today, as part of the Essex County Greenbelt it is one of  many great open spaces in Gloucester. Available for walking, snowshoeing or x-country skiing; great winter activities, all with the sound of crashing waves from Brace’s cove!