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Fred Bodin’s View Of The July 2012 Block Party

The West End was packed, from Jalepenos to Washington Street.

Blackburn Challenge athlete Paul Morrison and pro photographer Kathy Chapman in my gallery.

Painter Laureen Maher’s oil painting of the Good Harbor Beach concession stand and of Fly Amero, with Banana’s window in the background.

Ed Collard and Laura Jardullo rock out in the gallery later in the night (haven’t I seen them dancing in Havana in the 30’s?). Ed was instrumental in finishing the mini-keg of Heineken. It was a great Block Party, with 150+ people coming in, no food or wine left, so I’m going home!

Barbara Bodin Paints During The July 2011 Block Party

Fred Bodin Writes-

Barbara Bodin, Fred Bodin’s sister, paints outside his galley in the West End during the Block Party. Barb is visiting from Martha’s Vinyard to take painting workshops at the North Shore Arts Association. And, of course, spend some quality time with her brother. The view is of diners in front of La Tratoria.

Huge Huge Congratulations To This Year’s Block Party Organizers


Speaking as one of the founders and a former Block Party Committee member I would say that last night’s Downtown Gloucester Block Party was the best yet!

Fantastic on so many different levels, this is what it’s all about!

I saw Mark McDonough running around downtown last night like a mad man- sweating, clearing trash barrels and taking care of logistical things.  This all while his restaurants are all in full swing.  That is being a doer and not a talker and believe me, I’ll take 1 doer over 10 talkers any day!  He took charge and pulled the people together to make it happen this year.  Kudos to the restaurants and stores who contributed to help pay to sponsor it.  Kudos to Valerie Marcley who did an excellent job as the event coordinator.

There was so much stuff going on we never even made it down to the West End.

The children’s activities were great, and the street performers were interesting and really entertaining. 

Kudos to Lorre Anderson of The Black Swan and all the volunteers.  I was not involved with the planning (just our little publicity machine here) so I don’t know everyone to thank but I’ll ask for a list from the organizers so the people who put on this outstanding community event get the deserved recognition!