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Judy Beavers Has Some Nice Things To Say

Hi Joey,
Been thinking a lot about Mass & Gloucester / North Shore, since a holiday visit to our son & his family in NJ.  Part of that visit included several visits to NY city — or as the inhabitants like to call it, the Big Apple.
Nothing against anyone who lives in, has lived in, or loves NY ….. but ……. I remain firmly a New Englander — proud of Massachusetts, our people, who & what we are, what we do, & all that we stand for.
There IS ‘no place like home’.
In NY, people readily pushed past, over, & around anyone in their way, including small children. No one was friendly.
Plus, don’t even begin to tell me that Boston drivers are bad or discourteous drivers.  NY city wins that title, hands-down.
The visit was good, being with family.  However, the trips to downtown NY (not our 1st by any means), only served to remind us how much we love ‘home’.
In our opinion, we have it ‘all’ right here…. far & above anywhere.
The people of Mass, & especially our beloved North Shore, have no comparison.  They are ‘simply the best’, & so is Mass!
Happy New Year to you & all the GMG readers.
Stay safe in the snow!
Judy & family

Judy Beavers Has Some Nice Things To Say

Hi Joey!

We got to visit ‘home’ during Christmas week. Spent time in our favorite place, Gloucester, & walked Wingaersheek, & took some great tide pool pics. Also, made a stop at the Fisherman’s statue — always a ‘must do’. Surf was up, on a very windy day. Beautiful!

And, the lobsta trap tree was wicked pretty.

Made a stop, for a short walk, at Good Harbor, too, before we had to head to Logan.

Left our hearts & souls in Gloucester. Always there ……

Reading GMG, after we returned, your New Year’s tribute to your mom was absolutely outstanding. As a mom, it brought tears to my eyes.

Wow! Your mother has to be glowing.

Thanks for GMG — & keeping Gloucester close — for those of us who don’t live in Mass at this time.

Maybe this is the year we’ll get to return, God willing.

Happy New Year!

Judy & Family

"Time spent wasted at the beach, is not time wasted." T.S.Elliot