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Chickity Check It!- Elyssa East’s Dogtown:Death and Enchantment in a New England Town

From Josh Brackett-

If you care about Cape Ann and you want a good read, get hold of Elyssa East’s new book, Dogtown: Death and Enchantment in a New England Ghost Town. It’s a real page turner and features many local characters.

Also, could you list CapeAnnPolitics.org in your blogroll? Not much traffic there now, as this is a slow season for politics, but there will be more as we get into the warmer weather. See especially my Cape Ann TV interview that explains what it’s about. CATV gives permission for any use as long as it’s not commercial.

Thanks, JB

Chickity Check It- CapeAnnPolitics.org

From Josh Brackett-

Hi, GMG,

CapeAnnPolitics.org is up and running. It’s a new (and different) online forum for Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester, and Essex that some friends of mine and I are starting, .

Because it’s a new site, there’s not much content there yet. So please register and say what you think about an issue that matters to you. I look forward to reading what folks have to say.
And please forward this to anyone you know who might be interested.


You won’t find me on any political message boards but I wish them well.  Hopefully they find a way to hold meaningful political conversations without name calling and hate filled vitriol between the hard left and hard right factions which will undoubtedly dig their heels in and refuse to acknowledge any good in opposing  opinions.