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Jones Creek

The one and only Finn turned 7 yesterday and was very clear about how he wanted to spend the day.  Soccer camp, ice cream, bike riding, paddling boarding, and sushi.  We added the Summer Solstice as a bonus.  Why not.

While the whole day was pretty great, my favorite part of it all was taking the SUPs to Jones Creek and having some quality time with the birthday boy.  With Thatcher off at sailing lessons, Finn and I were able to spend some time on the river, hunt for crabs, and enjoy the view.


Where Zat Winner

red dories full

That was toooo easy. Hedge got it first and had photos to prove it. Then everyone else said basically the same thing…The red dories in Jones Creek off Stone Pier.

Congratulations to all and Hedge, you can pick up your t-shirt at Capt. Joe’s later today. Thanks for playing!