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LOOPTWORKS- Gloucester’s Brand Group International Jon Lawler Explains Upcycling

Jon writes-
Tim, Anne and myself just wanted to again thank you so much for coming by the office and sharing with your readers what we do in the community.  We are all daily readers of the blog and can’t wait to see how it all came out.  I know I had mentioned that if someone wants to buy something on the website they need to use promo code BGI10 to get a 10% discount.  I also forgot to mention that for businesses they can contact me at the office.  We would love to get a large restaurant on board with us for t shirts.  Thanks again Joey and I will see you at the dodge ball game.
Jon Lawler
Brand Group International/Looptworks
67 Main St
Gloucester MA 01930
978-282-3330 office


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