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Samoan Idol Aboard The Dog & I

This carved idol sits inside the wheelhouse of the Dog & I.  It was a gift from Johnny’s son Charlie who traveled the South Pacific in teh merchant marines.

The idol is supposed to ward off evil spirits but Johnny figures it must not be very effective seeing as Suzie Byrd is still aboard the boat as his backman.

Susie Byrd Strike Count -1

OK, here’s the story behind this picture.

Susie Byrd has been fishing out of Gloucester for 3 years now.  She has been one of the most consistent backmen on our lobsterboats and has been doing a great job of showing up on time and pushing her skipper Johnny “Doc” Herrick to fish harder.

Yesterday she had a little setback.

She was a no show for the first time.   Eventually she got down to the boat and they got the day in fishing but there was no way I was going to let her off easy.

This morning in the office with all the boys I gave her an option.  She could hold up the sign saying “Susie Byrd Strike Count 1” and let me take the picture or I would ride her about being a no show after I’ve been singer her praises to anyone who would listen about how great she has been as far as reliability and work ethic.

She chose to pose for the picture.

Susie Byrd Strike Count -1, originally uploaded by captjoe06.