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Where’s the moon going to rise? From John Wheeler

John writes-


It was nice to meet you tonight. Here is the web site I was telling you about.

Has you can see in the attached picture, I knew when, and where to be to get the moon between the towers. Knowing the time of the moon-rise ,and sun-set helps with the exposure of the Twin Lights. I’m still working on my settings, so I don’t over expose the moon, or under expose the rest of the shot.

I hope the other photographers find this has cool to use has I do.

The other picture is something I found on my way across the rocks, off Penzance Rd. in Rockport. I was told it is where the earth split millions of years ago, and filled in with molten lava.



I See Your Matching Sunrise and Raise You Two Matching Sunsets!

John Wheeler writes-

So Paul Morrison and Paulie Walnuts took pictures of the sunrise Saturday within minutes of each other. Saturday I went to the rocks off Old Penzance Rd. to get shots of the moon rise at Thachers Island. The moon was covered by clouds, which turned into great sunset pics. I believe my sunset shot facing west, is the same sunset taken by Gloucester Bytes from Niles Beach.

The clouds over Thachers Island was taken at 19:12:03
The sunset picture facing west was taken at 19:13:03
My camera is 3:39 fast, compared to my computer.
John Wheeler


Sunset From Niles Beach Gloucester Bytes Photo-


John Wheeler Has Been Chasing The Moon

Chasing the moon around the Cape April 17, 2011
I hope these pictures are worth posting, I have been taking pictures for years, but am enjoying it a lot more with my new toy. I purchased a Canon 60-D five months ago, and have been having a blast with it. I love looking at the pictures on your site, they really show how every one looks at the world differently.

I grew up on Sayward St. and spent a lot of time fishing off Capt. Joes, that was quite a few years ago.

John Wheeler