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2013 GHS Field Hockey Kudos From John Nasser

Hello Joey,

I just thought that the 2013 GHS Field Hockey team should get a little recognition for qualifying for the State Tournament this season following a 3-1 victory over Peabody this past Monday night.

These girls worked their tails off this year.

Right now their record stands at 8-6-1 which puts them in 4th place in their division. They have one more game to play before the tournament begins.

I believe it’s been six years since they last qualified.

The team is led by head coach Lauren Riley and assisted by her Dad, Don Riley.

Congratulations Ladies!

2013 GHS Field Hockey

John Nasser Studding Out In Times Square

Representing in Times Square recently with my new GMG hat.

Times Square

See that NYPD Cruiser?  That is John’s personal police detail to keep the lady folk from attacking him when donning the cap.

I can’t explain the phenomenon, just happens when dude’s put it on.  Who am I to question the powers the cap possesses?

Lady killers, monster fishermen, they all know the swagger that comes once it hits your noggin.  Straight swagger homie!


Buffleheads from John Nasser

I saw this group of male and female Buffleheads along the backshore on Monday Feb. 18, 2013 . A lone Red-Breasted Merganser joins them while they feed 100 yards off shore.