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Goings-on on Bearskin Neck From John & Ann Marie Kershaw

John & Ann Marie Kershaw write-

We strolled down Bearskin Neck this evening a short while after sunset, with the first stars coming out, & found the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club in session. In the little circle at the far end they had set up an impressive array of optical equipment & were offering a look at the heavens to all who came by.

It was a dream of ours since childhood to look through a real telescope, and so tonight we did! They showed us a double star (Vega?), part of the Summer Triangle of stars.

The club members we talked to were most friendly & helpful, & so we said “Are you on Good Morning Gloucester yet?” They said “No”, so we said “Look ’em up & you should be on”. We were given their card, which says:
postmaster@gaac.us and: http://www.gaac.us

So here was yet another fine group of people doing what they know best to do on Cape Ann.

GMG knows & presents so much good info that we may well have missed your coverage, but anyway, we thought they deserved another plug for their open friendly hospitality under the stars.

Blessings & Peace from
John & Ann Marie Kershaw