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If These Rodent Repellent Trash Bags Work I’m All In

These are available at Smith Hardware up at Gloucester Crossing and I assume the Rockport location too.  Damn varmint raccoons.  I’ve had my share of run-ins with raccoons.  Hate the little bastards.  When I step back and look at the … Continue reading

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2 chances this weekend to be offended by somebody other than our boy Joey

Our boy Joey needs a break. Between non PC humor and MFers dying, it should be clear that we’re heaping way too much stress on him during his vacation. Really, folks, we all need to find someone else to complain … Continue reading

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The Bean Vs Daddy- Jenga Deathmatch

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New Years Day Rocky Neck Plunge Video w/ GMG Stars

After shooting plunge prep, the Zip Line Kid gave me his camera to shoot all the brave souls who took the plunge with a warm ending at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center with gracious hostess, Karen Ristuben.

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Joey C Advice To Youngsters

There will come a day either in middle school or high school or on the street with friends that somebody offers you pills to get high. Do yourself a favor and just never ever ever ever ever take one.  Not … Continue reading

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Joey C and EJ’s Two Buddies Show At Alchemy Photos From Charlie Carroll

Joey C and EJ’s Two Buddies Show At Alchemy Photos From Charlie Carroll VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL

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Click the List to See The Latest Joey C Local Retailer Happenings On Twitter

https://twitter.com/Joey_C/cape-ann-retailers Is there a local retailer not on my list? tweet it to me @Joey_C Below is just a snapshot, Twitter updates as the retailers who are on my list update their twitter feeds. So click on the list for … Continue reading

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Joey C Family New York 2012 Thanksgiving

Joey C Family New York 2012 Thanksgiving VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL      

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Gloucester Mass October 16, 1955 ~ Shared by Renata Greene

I’m suppose to tell Joey that Muffy sent me.

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Happy Birthday Joey!

Joey’s B’day is tomorrow–look what Johnny Mac dropped off ~ Joey showing off his brand new yoga pants and stunning cocktail ring. Happy Birthday Chief!

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John McElhenny Submits This Poll: Is our Joey at risk of becoming overexposed?

John McElhenny submits – On Wednesday a German photographer stopped by to take hunky pin-up calendar photos of Joey down the dock. Today, there’s our Joey again in a photo spread in the Gloucester Times. He’s been profiled and quoted … Continue reading

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Uhmmmm The World’s Greatest Lobster Roll Just Got Even Better By Subtraction. You Heard Me- Subtraction.

You’ve heard me rail on about the world’s greatest lobster roll for four years now. We’ve dismantled countless frou frou high brow chefs and food bloggers who couldn’t leave perfection alone and had to go and mess up the perfect … Continue reading

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Look for your boy Joey C to make a complete idiot out of himself on Fox tomorrow morning at 7:15AM

I’m gonna be interviewed by VB tomorrow morning in a ten questions segment on FOX.  The over/under on questions guessed correctly by me is at 3 and I’m taking the under because I am a complete moron when it comes … Continue reading

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Attention Nike: Make Me Up Some Dri-Fit Boxer Briefs Stat

I have the greatest idea in the history of underwear and I can’t believe this hasn’t been done already. With the insano heat we’ve been experiencing I know men everywhere will agree that a sweaty nutbag that’s stuck to your … Continue reading

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Joey C Props and Flops June 2012 Edition

Props: Trader Joe’s Edamame Hummus Surfside Subs Lobster Roll Made With The Mrs’ Recipe McDonalds Tasteful Reconstruction Cape Ann Insurance Stellar Service Burnham’s Field Community Garden New Mural City Hall Restoration Volunteers Who Make Fiesta Happen DPW College Work Crew … Continue reading

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Apple’s Next Generation MacBook Pro is a Hardware Beast at a Price

The hardware apple pumps out is without parallel.  The specs on the new MacBook Pro makes it a dream machine. I am a fan of the iPhone, I am a HUGE fan of the iPad, I am a ginormous fan … Continue reading

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Good Morning Gloucester Series: Tips For PR Professionals Part II

The stuff you didn’t learn in PR school from your boy Joey C You want to get that story placed?  Food. Sounds too easy, right? But there’s something about food that is primal, that hits people in subconscious places that … Continue reading

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