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Spring Art Show

Only 15 days til Spring… After that, there are only 21 more days until the Spring Art Show at the Magnolia Historical Society.  From the icy grip of winter emerges a fresh new body of work by some of your … Continue reading

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O’Maley Friday Night Fame Jr Performance Pictures From Snoop Maddie Mad, The Bean and Joey C

Once again another knock out killer entertaining performance.  I don’t care if you don’t know anyone performing in this play, it is worth attending for the performances alone.  My girls absolutely love it.  There’s still chances to see it too- … Continue reading

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Atlantic Saltworks Flake Finishing Salt And Tuscan Salt Blend Unboxing Video

Can’t wait til Sista Felicia whips up something special with it and to grill up some steaks and use it!!!! http://www.atlanticsaltworks.com

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Joey’s Birthday Mug Up

  Although it was a great surprise birthday mug up for Joey, he still ended up having to shovel fish before he could join in the fun. E.J. Lefavour

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Surprise on the Lobster Dock

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Joey Recovers – Frankie Works

I stopped by Capt. Joes, to see how Joey was doing, spent approximately 20 minutes watching Frankie working at top speed. Get Better Joey. Frankie Works–Joey Recovers

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Video- Introducing Happy Dumplings!!!!

At 91 Washington Street In The Former Location Of Turtle Alley Check Them Out On Facebook- Happy Dumplings Facebook Page Where else do you see bout the latest local restaurant openings but right here on GMG! Make sure if you … Continue reading

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GloucesterCast Podcast- Interview with Richard Gaines From 6/8/09

In honor of my good friend Richard, may you rest in peace. Click to play-

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Rating and Ranting- The Lobster Rolls From Tasting Table’s Lobster Roll Rumble

There are some real abortions here and yet I was pleasantly surprised to see some purists leave perfection alone and keep it simple. Here’s a run-down and rating of all 20 Lobster Rolls served at the Tasting Table’s 2013 Lobster … Continue reading

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Let the Fun Begin!

Here we have Joey with treenails sticking out of his ears.  Treenails were used in ancient shipbuilding to secure the planks of the boat, and are still used today by builders like Harold Burnham at Burnham Shipyard in Essex on … Continue reading

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The Making of a Podcast

Joey and Craig setting up for podcast about Craig’s Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Movie Saturday night at The Farm.  It was alot of fun watching them and great to have them in the hizzy. E.J. Lefavour

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GloucesterCast April 23, 2013 With Host Joey C and Guest Fr Matthew Green

GloucesterCast April 23, 2013 With Host Joey C and Guest Fr Matthew Green Click to listen- We discuss Fr Green’s recent decision to take a year off from priesthood.  What he loves about Gloucester, His Favorite Local restaurants, His origami … Continue reading

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GMG Discussion With Host Joey C, Paul Frontiero and Paul Morrison

GMG Discussion March 30, 2013 Click here to play or save the podcast We discuss: The Gloucester Windmills Taking The “Easter” Out Of The Easter Egg Hunt GMG FOB Art and Photography Show at Cape Ann Giclee Over/Under Date For … Continue reading

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Joey C Cap Giveaway- Hat #1 Sox 04 World Champion Fitted Mesh Cap With Tag On It

After cleaning out my closet last week and using the rule if it hadn’t been worn in 2 years it gets thrown out I went through my cap collection and will be giving one a day away to someone who … Continue reading

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George Carlin answers Joey’s “midget” question

Joey’s astute observation about our increasing overuse of euphemisms deserves more than a mere comment in support of his legitimate question.  My favorite answer to this issue (and the funniest, too) was given by George Carlin some years ago.  Check … Continue reading

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So Muffy Has Regained The Lead In Our Manchester Athletic Club MyZone Fitness Challenge. How You Ask?

I had no idea she’s go so deep into the archives of rogue fitness routines to try to pull out the win but apparently nothing is beneath Muffy when she competes. My Manchester Athletic Club Spy Cam caught her top … Continue reading

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If These Rodent Repellent Trash Bags Work I’m All In

These are available at Smith Hardware up at Gloucester Crossing and I assume the Rockport location too.  Damn varmint raccoons.  I’ve had my share of run-ins with raccoons.  Hate the little bastards.  When I step back and look at the … Continue reading

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2 chances this weekend to be offended by somebody other than our boy Joey

Our boy Joey needs a break. Between non PC humor and MFers dying, it should be clear that we’re heaping way too much stress on him during his vacation. Really, folks, we all need to find someone else to complain … Continue reading

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The Bean Vs Daddy- Jenga Deathmatch

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New Years Day Rocky Neck Plunge Video w/ GMG Stars

After shooting plunge prep, the Zip Line Kid gave me his camera to shoot all the brave souls who took the plunge with a warm ending at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center with gracious hostess, Karen Ristuben.

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Joey C Advice To Youngsters

There will come a day either in middle school or high school or on the street with friends that somebody offers you pills to get high. Do yourself a favor and just never ever ever ever ever take one.  Not … Continue reading

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Joey C and EJ’s Two Buddies Show At Alchemy Photos From Charlie Carroll

Joey C and EJ’s Two Buddies Show At Alchemy Photos From Charlie Carroll VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL

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Click the List to See The Latest Joey C Local Retailer Happenings On Twitter

https://twitter.com/Joey_C/cape-ann-retailers Is there a local retailer not on my list? tweet it to me @Joey_C Below is just a snapshot, Twitter updates as the retailers who are on my list update their twitter feeds. So click on the list for … Continue reading

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Joey C Family New York 2012 Thanksgiving

Joey C Family New York 2012 Thanksgiving VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL      

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Gloucester Mass October 16, 1955 ~ Shared by Renata Greene

I’m suppose to tell Joey that Muffy sent me.

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