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 “Wild Italian Origano”…a must in every pantry!


One hasn’t truly tasted “Oregano,” until they have tasted “Wild Italian Origano!” The flavor, of “Wild Italian Origano”, has a more pungent oregano flavor then any other dried oregano on the market, that I have tasted.  Trust me on this one… without fail this oregano brings the flavors in my recopies to a higher level  every time I use it. After testing the difference between “regular Oregano” and this aromatic “Wild Italian Origano” I immediately became hooked.  I only use fresh or dried “Wild Italian Origano” when preparing dishes in my kitchen!

Use up your supply of  average tasting oregano…


…and  making a special trip Joe Pace & Sons in Saugus Ma. to purchase this flavorful dried herb. The “Wild Italian Origano” is sold in bunches,  for $4.99.

For Step-by-Step Directions and photos to store dried “Wild Italian Origano” click see more Read more