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New England Boat Show: Dazed and Confused

Wow, what an unbelievable amount of boat stuff all in one place. If you put all these boats in the water the ocean level would rise at least a few inches.

J&L Marine. The J and the L were way too busy actually working so Rubber Duck manned the booth.

J&L Marine. The J and the L were way too busy actually working so Rubber Duck manned the booth.


Tobin Dominick showed the Rubber Duck around the Cape Ann Marina booths. The consummate professional Tobin is not about to burst out laughing.

Cape Ann Marina has just way too much cool stuff going on. If you have not had breakfast at the Mile Marker Restaurant lately, order one of the Eggs Benedict and don’t forget the home fries. (Menu here.) These are not your ordinary home fries. They do some kind of magical double cooking of them so they are soft on the inside and crunchy but not greasy on the outside. I could just eat them alone for breakfast but their Benedict sauce has just the right amount of creamy goodness, and their crab cakes … oh wait, they also have a pretty nice marina, swimming pool (buy a punch card!), and they’ll fix your engine. You have to click through their entire web page and dream about summer.

Anyway, why did I label this post New England Boat Show: Dazed and Confused? Find out by clicking more below:

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Thank You Jeff Amero and Crew At J&L Welding

So the massive push cart that saves Frankie and my backs from having to drag the thousands of lbs of lobsters and totes of bait around the dock had rotted out wheels.  It happens- Saltwater’s a bitch, turns everything to shit.

So I asked Jeff  from J and L Welding to take a look at our rusted out and broken wheels and order new ones to do the job.  Only hitch is that this piece of equipment is vital to our operation and to be without it for even one full day would kill us.  Brought the cart in at 7:40AM I got a call by 10:00AM to come pick it up, it had been all rehabbed before the boats would start hitting the dock with lobsters.

Huge huge thanks to Jeff and his crew at J and L welding.  If you need this type of work done- do not hesitate to call them- 978-283-3388

and check them out online- www.jlweldingmachine.com

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